Ex-Wolverine Updates: Week 6

Ex-Wolverine Updates: Week 6

October 19, 2020
Eric Gray (#3, image via Clarksville Online)


WR Tarik Black (Texas): Texas (2-2) had a bye.

OT James Hudson III (Cincinnati): Cincinnati (3-0) had a bye.

TE Mustapha Muhammad (Kilgore Junior College): Muhammad transferred from Michigan to Houston and is now at Kilgore Junior College, which has canceled its season due to COVID.

CB Myles Sims (Georgia Tech): Sims did not play, which probably made all the difference in the 73-7 loss to Clemson.

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DT Aubrey Solomon (Tennessee): Solomon made 3 tackles in a 34-7 loss to Kentucky.

OG Stephen Spanellis (Vanderbilt): Spanellis opted out of the 2020 season.

RB Kareem Walker (Mississippi State): Walker did not play in a 28-14 loss to Texas A&M.

S J’Marick Woods (Duke): Woods did not record any statistics in a 31-20 loss to North Carolina State.


RB Tim Baldwin (Indiana): Baldwin is listed as a 6’0″, 217 lb. freshman running back at Indiana.

WR Kalil Branham (Kentucky): Branham did not play in a 34-7 win over Tennessee.

CB Te’Cory Couch (Miami): Couch made 1 tackle and 3 pass breakups in a 31-19 win over Pitt.

CB Shaun Crawford (Notre Dame): Crawford made 6 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, and 1 pass breakup in a 12-7 win over Louisville.

OG Emil Ekiyor (Alabama): Ekiyor started at left guard in a 44-21 win over Georgia.

RB Eric Gray (Tennessee): Gray had 24 carries for 128 yards (5.3 yards/carry), plus 3 catches for 20 yards, in a 34-7 loss to Kentucky.

OT Devery Hamilton (Duke): Hamilton started at right tackle in a 31-20 loss to North Carolina State.

OT Kai-Leon Herbert (Miami): Herbert is out for the season for Miami.

WR Jeremiah Holloman (FIU): FIU (0-2) had a bye.

C Jalil Irvin (Auburn): Irvin did not play in a 30-22 loss to South Carolina. This was Auburn’s first loss to South Carolina since 1933.

LB Chase Lasater (FAU): FAU (1-0) had a bye.

OT Micah Mazzccua (Baylor): Baylor (1-1) had a bye.

TE Nick Patterson (Choate Rosemary Hall): Patterson, who decommitted from Michigan and signed with Princeton, decided to take a prep year and enroll at Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut. That would make him a teammate of class of 2021 Michigan commit Tristan Bounds, though with Connecticut football being canceled, I’m not sure if Patterson is truly there or not.

Amauri Pesek-Hickson (Kansas): Pesek-Hickson did not play in a 38-17 loss to West Virginia.

S Otis Reese (Ole Miss): Reese has transferred from Georgia to Ole Miss, but he has not received a waiver to be immediately eligible for the Rebels, who lost to Arkansas by a score of 33-21.

S Antwaine Richardson (Maryland): Richardson is supposed to start this year for the Terps.

OT Erik Swenson (Oklahoma): Oklahoma (2-2) had a bye.

TE Leonard Taylor (Cincinnati): Cincinnati (3-0) had a bye.

DE Rashad Weaver (Pitt): Weaver made 4 tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss, and 2 pass breakups in a 31-19 loss to Miami.


D.J. Durkin (Co-Defensive Coordinator, Ole Miss): Ole Miss was dead last in defense after last week, but after a 33-21 loss to Arkansas, the Rebels are now #76 out of #77 in total defense (579.5 yards allowed/game) . . . and still last in scoring defense (47 points allowed/game).

Les Miles (Head Coach, Kansas): Kansas (0-4) lost to West Virginia by a score of 38-17.

Chris Partridge (C-Defensive Coordinator, Ole Miss): Partridge’s defense, coincidentally, suffered the same exact fate as Durkin’s (see above).


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    Oct 19, 2020 at 6:56 AM

    I have a Sparty friend who went through MSU’s hospitality program and is now upper management at a casino in Biloxi. She tells me that half the State of Mississippi is beyond disgusted with Durkin and Partridge and that they are referred to by a couple people around the casino as those Michigan __________s. She won’t cop to it, but she probably started it.

    She also claims that she has never once asked anyone if they wanted fries with their burger. I like her, I don’t press it.

    The recruiting has fallen off in a big way too as they have fallen into the low 50s after mostly bouncing between the high teens and low 30s for the last pretty long time. I think Partridge might have screwed the pooch, as they used to like to say.

  2. Comments: 6285
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    Oct 19, 2020 at 2:12 PM

    Just to hit on Black’s transfer decision again…

    Look at the number WRs who ranked higher than Black (116 nationally) as recruits.

    Texas has 4. 3 are juniors and one is a sophomore. All of them appear to be quality players.

    Michigan has 1. Freshman AJ Henning who does not yet appear to have a clear rotation spot.

    I’m sure he has his reasons but looking at pure playing time opportunity the transfer seems like not the smartest idea.

    • Comments: 3845
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      Oct 19, 2020 at 2:20 PM

      Black’s transfer to Texas is/was somewhat befuddling. I didn’t get it at the time, but the fact that they gave him #0 made me rethink things a little bit, honestly. I was like, “Well, I bet a few guys want that number, but he must be doing well for them if they gave it to him.” Not that it’s equivalent to Michigan’s #1, but you know…Black is the first player in Texas history to wear #0!

      And then…it’s back to being befuddling.

      • Comments: 6285
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        Oct 19, 2020 at 2:40 PM

        I don’t think it was all the way thought through. He was unhappy and wanted out, so OK leave, but Texas doesn’t seem like the best place to make a big splash your senior year.

        Probably an instance of “OK I know you THINK you’re all that but let’s look at some facts over the last 4 years…”

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