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      I’m watching the success of Michael Beasley of the Dallas Cowboys. Why can’t Jeremy Gallon be all

      I would think that Gallon would be at least as good as Beasley. Gallon is small quick, shifty and great hands.

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      That’s a very good question. I thought Gallon would be able to latch on somewhere with a team that likes to use those small slot guys. I thought he was in a great situation with the Patriots, except for the fact that they already had guys to fill those roles. Then injuries were a problem.

      The one drawback for Gallon, I think, is that he never really showed an ability to return punts. I think sometimes being able to do both of those things (return punts, play in the slot) is what gets a guy on a roster.

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      TTB Andrew

      If you haven’t seen it already, here’s a fairly well-done documentary about Gallon, including interviews with his family and HS coach. Nice watch.

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      One of the more surprising disappointments I can remember in a while for Michigan greats playing at the next level. I was sure Gallon would carve out a role as a reliable slot WR.

      I think his unorthodox game (he’s not the fast for a little slot guy, his skills are more outside WR than traditional slot) may have worked against him.

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