Highlights: Michigan 40, Middle Tennessee 21

Highlights: Michigan 40, Middle Tennessee 21

September 1, 2019

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    Sep 01, 2019 at 9:07 AM

    Gawd – OK a few comments & observations:
    I figured about 61 points would be scored in this game but thought Michigan would have them all……..
    When Michigan finally scored point #40 thought it was about 2 qwarterz to late………
    I now understand this spaced out in space stuff; The Method to Harbaugh’s madness: Harbs is punishing us for bitching about Pep & Drevno……….

    Harbaugh has merged RR offense with Hoke’s wins – lots of excitment But I feel like the win was a loss…………

    Patterson’s run & fumble reminded me of Sp8’s pik 6 on play 1 against UCF?

    And a new punt fumbler – only job they have is to fair catch it and oooops……

    How many wide open receivers missed in space, lost in space, spaced out in space?………..

    And the great OL: 4 sax allowed, I think; 2 illegal downfields?? Etc…….

    2 QBz on the field and they get a delay of game? You’d think 1 of them coulda yelled HIKE!

    I’ll give Harbaugh credit tho for getting rid of the Woody glasses. Now if he’d lose the Bo hat and qwit masquerading as a Hall of Fame HC……….
    Anyone who thinks this team is going to win the Big10 East is delusional:
    8-4 at best till proven otherwise. If MT st can score 21 on this team in AA the Buckeyes will score a hundred………..INTJohn

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