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2Nov 2011
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Eligibility Count for 2011

This is a best-guess accounting of the scholarship players scheduled to be on the roster in 2011.  Changes will be posted depending on early NFL Draft entries, transfers, etc.  There are also injured players who played in 2010 but have medical redshirts pending (Mike Jones, Devin Gardner).

– Carvin Johnson has left the program.

– Greg Brown has left the program.

– Chris Barnett has left the program.

– Je’Ron Stokes has left the program.

– Tony Posada has left the program.

– Darryl Stonum will redshirt in 2011 and have one year of eligibility remaining.

– Kellen Jones is no longer enrolled at Michigan.

– Christian Pace, Teric Jones, and Terry Talbott have received medical hardships and are no longer with the program.

– D.J. Williamson is no longer with the program.

– Cullen Christian has decided to transfer.

– Ray Vinopal has left the team due to personal issues.

– Marell Evans transferred to Michigan and will be a fifth year senior.

– Michael Williams is no longer with the program due to multiple concussions.

– Incoming freshmen for 2011 have been added.

– Tate Forcier is no longer with the program.

– Troy Woolfolk is listed as a redshirt senior due to missing the entire 2010 season with a broken ankle.

REDSHIRT SENIORS = 9 (Final season 2011)
WR Junior Hemingway
WR Kelvin Grady
OT Mark Huyge
C David Molk
TE Steve Watson
DE Ryan Van Bergen
LB Marell Evans
LB Brandon Herron
CB Troy Woolfolk
FB John McColgan
LS Tom Pomarico
DE Will Heininger
CB Tony Anderson
S Zac Johnson
S Jared Van Slyke

SENIORS = 5 (Final season 2011)
RB Michael Shaw
SR Martavious Odoms
TE Kevin Koger
DT Mike Martin
LB J.B. Fitzgerald

REDSHIRT JUNIORS = 12 (Final season 2012)
RB Mike Cox
WR Roy Roundtree
WR Terrence Robinson
WR Darryl Stonum
TE Brandon Moore
OG Ricky Barnum
C Rocko Khoury
OG Elliott Mealer
OG Patrick Omameh
LB Kenny Demens
CB J.T. Floyd
S Jordan Kovacs
QB Jack Kennedy
QB Steve Wilson
WR Jordan Barpal
TE Mike Kwiatkowski
DT Alex Schwab
LB Paul Gyarmati
S Matt Cavanaugh
S Floyd Simmons
LS George Morales

JUNIORS = 5 (Final season 2012)
QB Denard Robinson
RB Vincent Smith
DE Craig Roh
DT William Campbell
S Brandin Hawthorne

REDSHIRT SOPHOMORES = 10 (Final season 2013)
RB Fitzgerald Toussaint
SR Jeremy Gallon
OT Taylor Lewan
OT Michael Schofield
DT Quinton Washington
LB Isaiah Bell
LB Mike Jones
S Cameron Gordon
S Thomas Gordon
K Brendan Gibbons
RB O’Neil Swanson
SR Jordan Owens
WR Joe Reynolds
OL Christian Brandt
OL Jareth Glanda
OL Erik Gunderson
DT Nathan Brink
CB Al Backey
S Charlie Zeller
LS Jareth Glanda
LS Kurt Graman
K Seth Broekhuizen
K Kris Pauloski

SOPHOMORES = 9 (Final season 2013)
QB Devin Gardner
RB Stephen Hopkins
WR Jeremy Jackson
SR Drew Dileo
DE Jibreel Black
CB Courtney Avery
CB Terrence Talbott
S Marvin Robinson
P Will Hagerup

REDSHIRT FRESHMEN = 7 (Final season 2014)
WR Jerald Robinson
TE Ricardo Miller
DT Ken Wilkins
DT Richard Ash
LB Jordan Paskorz
LB Jake Ryan
S Josh Furman
RB Jihad Rasheed
TE Nate Allspach
TE Dylan Esterline
OL Joey Burzynski
OL Kristian Mateus
DE Chris Eddins
K Jeremy Ross

FRESHMEN = 16 (Final season 2014)
QB Russell Bellomy
RB Justice Hayes
RB Thomas Rawls
OL Chris Bryant
OL Jack Miller
DE Brennen Beyer
DE Keith Heitzman
DE Chris Rock
LB Frank Clark
LB Desmond Morgan
LB Antonio Poole
CB Blake Countess
CB Delonte Hollowell
CB Raymon Taylor
S Tamani Carter
K Matt Wile
QB Ben Fry
FB Joe Kerridge
OL Graham Glasgow
OL Dallas Williams
OL Gary Yerden

3Feb 2011
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Scholarships for Class of 2012

According to the 2011 Eligibility Count, Michigan ought to have 15 open scholarships for the Class of 2012.  Nine redshirt seniors and six true seniors will be graduating after the 2011 season, assuming Kelvin Grady is a scholarship player.  That also includes safety Mike Williams and defensive end Steve Watson, each of whom might depart before using up their eligibility (Williams due to concussions; Watson due to being buried on the depth chart).

That number will surely increase before February 2012 due to transfers, injuries, etc.  The Class of 2011 was originally going to be around 14, and that number has ballooned to 20 (and counting).  So the next class will likely be 20-ish as well.