2012 NFL Draft: The Lions should have picked…

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8May 2012
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2012 NFL Draft: The Lions should have picked…

The Lions could have grabbed cornerback/returner Jayron Hosley in the third round

Since it’s the off-season and there’s not much to talk about regarding Michigan right now, I thought I would share my thoughts on my second favorite football team, the Detroit Lions.  I’m more of a college football fan, but I still catch a Lions game whenever possible and have been rooting for the guys in Honolulu Blue almost as long as the Maize and Blue.

1st round: Pick #23
Who they did pick:
Iowa offensive tackle Riley Reiff
Who they should have picked: Reiff.  I generally think teams should pick the best player on the board and figure out how to make them fit.  Reiff was a borderline top ten pick and slipped to #23 because teams overvalued skill players and defensive ends.  The Lions got lucky here since protecting Matt Stafford is paramount to their success.

2nd round: Pick #54
Who they did pick:
Oklahoma wide receiver Ryan Broyles
Who they should have picked: Oklahoma cornerback Jamell Fleming.  While Fleming wasn’t the best overall prospect available, he would have addressed a serious deficiency at cornerback.  Detroit’s secondary was abused against New Orleans in the playoffs, and playing Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers at least twice a year, you can never have too many cornerbacks.  Fleming is also good in run support.  Broyles is coming off of a knee injury and the Lions had a good receiving corps already.

3rd round: Pick #85
Who they did pick:
Louisiana-Lafayette cornerback Dwight Bentley
Who they should have picked: Virginia Tech cornerback Jayron Hosley.  Grabbing Fleming in the previous round would have been a good idea, and getting Hosley one round later would have given the Lions some insurance.  I would pick Hosley over Bentley, anyway, but this would give the Lions three decent corners and Hosley is a potential big-play guy to put in the slot.  This is a bit of a luxury pick for a good team without many serious deficiencies.

4th round: Pick #125
Who they did pick:
Oklahoma outside linebacker Ronnell Lewis
Who they should have picked: Penn State defensive end Jack Crawford.  Crawford is a big body who could be a developmental pick to take over for Kyle Vanden Bosch, who is getting up there in age.  The way things are shaping up, Crawford could develop and the Lions might be able to use a high pick on a defensive end in 2013, when they might need more immediate help.

5th round: Pick #138
Who they did pick: Temple outside linebacker Tahir Whitehead
Who they should have picked: Florida State offensive tackle Zebrie Sanders.  Sanders is one of the best prospects still available, and for a team that likes to spread it out, his pass blocking would potentially be helpful as a backup offensive lineman or a developmental prospect to take over one of the tackle positions.

6th round: Pick #196
Who they did pick:
New Mexico State safety Jonte Green
Who they should have picked: Boise State defensive tackle Billy Winn.  The Lions have pretty good depth at defensive tackle, but again, Winn is one of the better prospects available.  He also has the speed to play defensive end in some packages, which would be a helpful skill.

7th round: Pick #223
Who they did pick:
Oklahoma outside linebacker Travis Lewis
Who they should have picked: Lewis.  This was a good pick.  Lewis was a four year starter at Oklahoma, and while he probably won’t be a frequent starter in the NFL, he’s good enough to help on special teams and land a job as a backup linebacker.

3May 2012
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2012 NFL Mock Draft Review

Dontari Poe is probably going to be a bust

I didn’t do that great with my mock draft, but who does?  Thirteen picks were swapped after I wrote up my mock draft, and there were some head-scratchers in there (Dontari Poe? Bruce Irvin?.  I still got the first four picks right (pretty much), along with the eighth pick and the 32nd pick.

1. Indianapolis Colts
My pick:
Andrew Luck
Actual pick: Andrew Luck.
Hooray for the obvious selection!

2. Washington Redskins
My pick:
Robert Griffin III
Actual pick: Robert Griffin III
Hooray for a second obvious selection!

3. Cleveland Browns (from Minnesota Vikings)
My pick:
Matt Kalil
Actual pick: Trent Richardson
The Browns moved up one spot to get the guy they probably could have gotten at #4, although it was rumored that Minnesota was shopping the pick to other teams who were interested in slipping in there to get Richardson.  I think that was probably all smoke and mirrors, which turned out to be good for the Vikings.  Good for them, bad for the stupid Browns.  But the Browns did need a running back.  It’s a good pick, but they gave up too much.

4. Minnesota Vikings (from Cleveland Browns)
My pick:
Trent Richardson
Actual pick: Matt Kalil
The Vikings moved back one spot, got a few extra draft picks, and still got the left tackle they needed.  Good for them.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
My pick:
Morris Claiborne
Actual pick: Justin Blackmon
I don’t think Blackmon is going to be a superstar at the next level, but he’s going to be a solid receiver for many years.  The Jaguars probably gave up a little too much to get him, but they needed an infusion of talent at wide receiver and Blackmon probably wouldn’t have lasted with the Rams next on the clock.

6. Dallas Cowboys (from St. Louis Rams)
My pick:
Justin Blackmon
Actual pick: Morris Claiborne
The Cowboys needed a second corner to go along with Terence Newman, but they still need to shore up the middle of the defense, too.  I thought getting Alabama safety Mark Barron would be a smart choice here even though I think Barron was a little overrated.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Jacksonville Jaguars)
My pick:
Melvin Ingram
Actual pick: Mark Barron
I like this pick by the Buccaneers.  It’s a new regime with Greg Schiano as head coach, but they seem to develop their safeties pretty well.

8. Miami Dolphins
My pick:
Ryan Tannehill
Actual pick: Ryan Tannehill
I hate this pick, but I told a good friend who’s a good friend that it was going to happen.  I think he’s going to be a bust in the same vein as Ted Ginn was a few years ago.  What a waste.  They would have been better off picking a defensive back like Stephon Gilmore and grabbing a guy like Brock Osweiler later.

9. Carolina Panthers
My pick:
Fletcher Cox
Actual pick: Luke Kuechly
I think the Panthers should have shored up their interior defensive line before picking a middle linebacker, but it’s still not a bad pick.

10. Buffalo Bills
My pick:
Riley Reiff
Actual pick: Stephon Gilmore
I’ve never seen a top ten draft pick be more unhappy about being chosen, other than maybe Eli Manning by the Chargers.  Gilmore either hates the Bills or just hates the cold.  Or he’s just not a happy person.  It was weird to watch him approach the podium.

11. Kansas City Chiefs
My pick:
Luke Kuechly
Actual pick: Dontari Poe
Bust.  Good grief, what a horrible pick.

12. Philadelphia Eagles (from Seattle Seahawks)
My pick:
Quinton Coples
Actual pick: Fletcher Cox
This was a good pick.  Lots of people expected Cox to go higher, and the Eagles need help up the middle.

13. Arizona Cardinals
My pick:
David Decastro
Actual pick: Michael Floyd
Floyd is a good possession receiver, but I’ve never been blown away by him.  I also thought he would drop due to his drunken driving issues, but apparently that didn’t sway the Cardinals.

14. St. Louis Rams (from Dallas Cowboys)
My pick:
Mark Barron
Actual pick: Michael Brockers
Brockers seems to be a one-dimensional run-stopper without much of a pass rush, so I’m not a big fan of this pick.

15. Seattle Seahawks (from Philadelphia Eagles)
My pick:
Michael Brockers
Actual pick: Bruce Irvin
This was a major reach by the Seahawks.  He might turn into a decent player, but they could have grabbed Irvin in the second or even third round.  This was the strangest pick of the evening.

16. New York Jets
My pick:
Nick Perry
Actual pick: Quinton Coples
I didn’t really expect Coples to still be available, but this pick makes sense . . . because Rex Ryan is a moron.  He’s already got locker room problems, so he might as well add a guy who’s known for going hard only half the time.

17. Cincinnati Bengals
My pick:
Chandler Jones
Actual pick: Dre Kirkpatrick
I like this pick for the Bengals.  I think Kirkpatrick is a solid player who won’t turn into a Hall of Famer but will be good for a long time.  He’s a physical corner with good coverage skills.  I was hoping he would be around for the Lions at #23.

18. San Diego Chargers
My pick:
Whitney Mercilus
Actual pick: Melvin Ingram
Same position, but an upgrade in talent.  I thought Ingram would be gone in the top ten, so the Chargers got a little bit lucky here.  We probably won’t hear a whole lot about Ingram because he’ll play on the west coast, but I think he’ll develop into a Pro Bowl player.

19. Chicago Bears
My pick:
Dontari Poe
Actual pick: Shea McClellin
Poe was gone (did I mention the Chiefs made a horrible pick?) and the Bears stayed on the defensive line.  I like the McClellin kid and he should fit in well there in Chicago opposite Julius Peppers.

20. Tennessee Titans
My pick:
Stephon Gilmore
Actual pick: Kendall Wright
Wright is a second round talent, in my opinion.  Maybe even third.  I think he’s going to fade into oblivion and/or be a journeyman.

21. New England Patriots (from Cincinnati Bengals)
My pick:
Michael Floyd
Actual pick: Chandler Jones
If Jones can stay healthy, he’ll be a good outside pass rusher for a team that’s been lacking an edge rusher.  I don’t think I would trade up for a guy who’s a little injury-prone, so it’s a bit of a gamble.

22. Cleveland Browns
My pick:
Stephen Hill
Actual pick: Brandon Weeden
I actually like Weeden as a football player, but I don’t think he’s the type of quarterback you take when you’re rebuilding.  He’s the type of player a team should take when they’re just one or two players away from making a run at a title.  By the time the Browns get their entire franchise turned around, there will only be a short window for Weeden to play before the 28-year-old starts to go back downhill.  He’ll probably be 31 before the Browns are any good.

23. Detroit Lions
My pick:
Dre Kirkpatrick
Actual pick: Riley Reiff
This was a great pick for the Lions.  Reiff could have gone in the top ten or fifteen, but he fell to them because other teams moved up to grab skill players.  I wanted the Lions to grab Kirkpatrick here, but that was before Reiff fell.  Given the choice between the two, I think cornerback was a bigger need . . . but Reiff is a good consolation prize.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers
My pick:
Jonathan Martin
Actual pick: David DeCastro
This is a good pick for the Steelers, who need to get younger on the offensive line.  DeCastro is a better player than Martin, so it’s a good thing for the Steelers that he was still available here.

25. New England Patriots (from Denver Broncos)
My pick:
Jerel Worthy
Actual pick: Dont’a Hightower
The Patriots seem to be taking their defensive woes seriously.  With Jones and then Hightower, the front seven issues are getting addressed.

26. Houston Texans
My pick:
Rueben Randle
Actual pick: Whitney Mercilus
With Mario Williams heading to Buffalo in the off-season, the Texans needed another pass rusher.  Mercilus slipped a little bit, so this turned out well for the Texans.

27. Cincinnati Bengals (from New England Patriots)
My pick:
Courtney Upshaw
Actual pick: Kevin Zeitler
This is another good pick by the Bengals, who need interior linemen to help their running game.

28. Green Bay Packers
My pick:
Shea McClellin
Actual pick: Nick Perry
This is essentially the same position, but Perry is maybe a step down from McClellin.  I really like the way the Packers play defense, and I think Perry’s going to do well there.

29. Minnesota Vikings (from Baltimore Ravens)
My pick:
Peter Konz
Actual pick: Harrison Smith
Based on recent history, Smith is going to fail in the NFL like virtually every other Golden Domer.  I don’t like this trade or the pick for the Vikings, but hey, they’re in the NFC North with the Lions, so what do I care if they suck?

30. San Francisco 49ers
My pick:
Kevin Zeitler
Actual pick: A.J. Jenkins
This is a strange pick, because Jenkins isn’t a first round talent and the 49ers already have a couple decent wideouts.  It’s not a bad idea to plan for the future, but still a little bit of a reach.  I would have taken Rueben Randle over Jenkins, too.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from New England Patriots and Denver Broncos)
My pick:
Don’ta Hightower
Actual pick: Doug Martin
Martin fits in well in Tampa Bay.  He’s a power runner with a little bit of burst, and I can see why Greg Schiano would want him – he’s a little bit like former Rutgers tailback Ray Rice.

32. New York Giants
My pick:
David Wilson
Actual pick: David Wilson
After the draft, I saw a mock or two that had Wilson going to the Giants here.  But I’m going to pat myself on the back for this one, because I had no idea that he was projected by anyone to go in the first round.  It just seemed to me that he would fit in well with what they like to do and they had an opening at RB with Brandon Jacobs going to the 49ers.

1May 2012
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2012 NFL Draft: Picks from the Big Ten

Iowa tackle Riley Reiff was the highest Big Ten draft pick at #23 overall to the Detroit Lions

Here’s a list of all (or most, anyway) of the draft picks from the Big Ten and other Michigan opponents over the past couple seasons (UConn, Mississippi State, San Diego State, Virginia Tech, etc.).  Illinois had four players taken in the first two rounds, yet Ron Zook still found a way to make that team suck.

1st round
12. Fletcher Cox – DT – Mississippi State (Eagles)
13. Michael Floyd – WR – Notre Dame (Cardinals)
23. Riley Reiff – OT – Iowa (Lions)
26. Whitney Mercilus – DE – Illinois (Texans)
27. Kevin Zeitler – OG – Wisconsin (Bengals)
29. Harrison Smith – SS – Notre Dame (Vikings)
30. A.J. Jenkins – WR – Illinois (49ers)
32. David Wilson – RB – Virginia Tech (Giants)

2nd round
44. Jeff Allen – OT – Illinois (Chiefs)
48. Tavon Wilson – FS – Illinois (Patriots)
49. Kendall Reyes – DT – UConn (Chargers)
51. Jerel Worthy – DT – Michigan State (Packers)
53. Devon Still – DT – Penn State (Bengals)
55. Peter Konz – C – Wisconsin (Falcons)
56. Mike Adams – OT – Ohio State (Steelers)
58. Lavonte David – LB – Nebraska (Buccaneers)

3rd round68. DeVier Posey – WR – Ohio State (Texans)
75. Russell Wilson – QB – Wisconsin (Seahawks)
82. Mike Martin – DT – Michigan (Titans)
94. Jayron Hosley – CB – Virginia Tech (Giants)

4th round
102. Kirk Cousins – QB – Michigan State (Redskins)
121. Keshawn Martin – WR – Michigan State (Texans)
122. Nick Toon – WR – Wisconsin (Saints)
126. Jared Crick – DT – Nebraska (Texans)
129. Miles Burris – LB – San Diego State (Raiders)
137. Mike Daniels – DT – Iowa (Packers)

5th round
139. Robert Blanton – CB – Notre Dame (Vikings)
141. Adam Gettis – OG – Iowa (Redskins)
149. Jonnie Troutman – OG – Penn State (Chargers)
152. Danny Coale – WR – Virginia Tech (Cowboys)
153. Dennis Kelly – OT – Purdue (Eagles)
156. Shaun Prater – CB – Iowa (Bengals)
157. Bradie Ewing – FB – Wisconsin (Falcons)
158. Jack Crawford – DE – Penn State (Raiders)
165. Darius Fleming – LB – Notre Dame (49ers)

6th round
180. Trent Robinson – FS – Michigan State (49ers)
183. B.J. Cunningham – WR – Michigan State (Dolphins)
185. Ryan Lindley – QB – San Diego State (Cardinals)
191. Dan Herron – RB – Ohio State (Bengals)
192. Charles Mitchell – SS – Mississippi State (Falcons)
194. Marvin McNutt – WR – Iowa (Eagles)
195. Nick Mondek – OT – Purdue (Texans)
197. Nate Ebner – S – Ohio State (Patriots)
207. Brad Nortman – P – Wisconsin (Panthers)

7th round217. Adam Bernstine – S – Iowa (Redskins)
218. Jerome Long – DT – San Diego State (Chiefs)
224. Alfonzo Dennard – S – Nebraska (Patriots)
226. David Molk – C – Michigan (Chargers)
230. Nathan Stupar – LB – Penn State (Raiders)
231. Toney Clemons – WR – Colorado (Steelers)*
233. Drake Dunsmore – TE – Northwestern (Buccaneers)
234. Marcel Jones – OT – Nebraska (Saints)
235. Jeremy Ebert – WR – Northwestern (Patriots)
238. Junior Hemingway – WR – Michigan (Chiefs)
250. Edwin Baker – RB – Michigan State (Chargers)
170. Vick Ballard – RB – Mississippi State (Colts)

*Clemons transferred from Michigan to Colorado prior to the 2009 season

26Apr 2012
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2012 NFL Draft Preview: Michigan-style

Mike Martin will probably be the first Wolverine drafted, but not until Friday night

Last year saw only linebacker Jonas Mouton and offensive tackle Steve Schilling get drafted, both by the San Diego Chargers.  It’s no sure thing that Michigan will beat that number this year, especially now that tight end Kevin Koger suffered an Achilles injury.  Here’s a look at the Wolverines who are eligible for the draft:

Mike Martin, DT
Martin is the likely top choice out of Michigan.  He’s 6’1 3/8″, 306 lbs. and ran a 4.86 forty yard dash at the NFL Combine.  He also put up 36 repetitions on the 225 lb. bench press.  Martin is too undersized to play nose tackle in the NFL, but I think he can play as a defensive end in a 3-4 look or as a 3-tech defensive tackle in a 4-3 defense.  Martin is pretty quick and uses leverage very well, and best of all, he’s a hard worker with a good motor.  I don’t know if Martin will be a Pro Bowler, but he could have a ten-year career.
Projection: 3rd round to Chargers

David Molk, C
Molk is 6’0 7/8″, 298 lbs. and ran a 5.2 forty.  The general knock on Molk is that he’s not very big, which is true.  He is very quick, though, and excelled in the zone blocking system run by Rich Rodriguez from 2008-2010.  Molk looks like an NFL backup, but one of the problems with him will be that he doesn’t offer any position flexibility – he’s a center and that’s it.  Lots of teams like their backup centers to be able to be plugged in at guard, too.  I doubt anyone’s going to hand Molk a starting center job, but he could be brought in as the heir apparent to a veteran center or to work in for a zone running team.
Projection: 5th round to Texans

Junior Hemingway, WR
Hemingway is 6’0 7/8″, 225 lbs., and ran a 4.51 forty yard dash at the NFL Combine, which is much faster than I expected him to run.  Hemingway doesn’t play that fast, and his real strength seems to be the timing on his jump balls and his ability to outmuscle opposing receivers.  For a receiver with just average height, 225 lbs. is a lot.  Hemingway struggled with staying healthy early in his career, and his inability to get separation consistently limit him to being a possession receiver at the next level.
Projection: 6th round to Bears

Ryan Van Bergen, DE
Van Bergen is a 6’4 1/2″, 290 lb. defensive end with a 4.99 forty.  He’s a high character guy who has a little bit of surprising athleticism.  He lacks the pass rush abilities to make a star-level impact at the next level, but he could be an Aaron Smith-like defensive end for a 3-4 team or a left/strongside end for a 4-3 team.  I think he might be able to play for five or six years, but his ceiling is probably a journeyman type of career.
Projection: Undrafted

Kevin Koger, TE
Koger measured in at 6’3 3/4″ and 253 lbs. with a 4.8 forty.  He was borderline draftable before hurting his Achilles, so I sincerely doubt whether he’ll get picked.  Koger has decent size and speed, but he’s not a particularly good runner after the catch and his hands are a bit shaky.  He might be able to be a second or third tight end for someone, but I don’t think he’ll ever be a starter.
Projection: Undrafted

Other undrafted players: WR Kelvin Grady, OT Mark Huyge, WR Martavious Odoms, RB Michael Shaw, CB Troy Woolfolk

25Apr 2012
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2012 NFL Draft: Mock Draft

My guess is that Iowa offensive tackle Riley Reiff will be the first Big Ten player drafted

I’m not an NFL expert, but I like doing this anyway.  I did okay in 2011 and 2010 and here’s my mock 2012 NFL Draft.  Debate away!

1. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck – QB – Stanford
The Colts have already told Luck that he’ll be the choice, and I think Luck is the most Peyton Manning-like quarterback to come out of college since . . . Peyton Manning.  He’s an extremely intelligent player.

2. Washington Redskins: Robert Griffin III – QB – Baylor
I hate the potential because I don’t like the Redskins and they tend to mess up everybody they pick in the draft, so this is the beginning of the end of Griffin’s career.

3. Minnesota Vikings: Matt Kalil – OT – USC
The Vikings need to rebuild, and that has to happen at quarterback and on the offensive and defensive lines. With both of the top quarterbacks gone, they need a blindside tackle to take the spot long held by Bryant McKinnie.

4. Cleveland Browns: Trent Richardson – RB – Alabama
The Browns have been building their offensive line a little bit, but with Peyton Hillis gone to the Chiefs, they need a horse to run the ball.  Running the ball is still extremely important in the AFC North.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Morris Claiborne – CB – LSU
With Bill Sheridan as the new defensive coordinator in Tampa Bay, he needs a cornerback who can make some plays.  Claiborne is the top corner in the class.

6. St. Louis Rams: Justin Blackmon – WR – Oklahoma State
Sam Bradford has proven that he can throw the ball around the field, but he needs a good receiver if he wants to get the Rams back to being “The Greatest Show on Turf.”

7. Jacksonville Jaguars: Melvin Ingram – DE – South Carolina
I really like Ingram, and the Jaguars need a pass rush since they drafted a couple defensive end busts a few years ago (Derrick Harvey, Quentin Groves).

8. Miami Dolphins: Ryan Tannehill – QB – Texas A&M
The 2012 Jake Locker/Christian Ponder Award goes to the Miami Dolphins, who reach for a quarterback in the first round.  Ugh.

9. Carolina Panthers: Fletcher Cox – DT – Mississippi State
Cox is a good defensive tackle, but I don’t know if he’s deserving of this high a pick.  I’m not extremely impressed with any of this year’s defensive tackles, really.

10. Buffalo Bills: Riley Reiff – OT – Iowa
I really liked Reiff when he was at Iowa.  He seems like the type of guy who will start his career at left tackle but eventually move inside or flip to the right side.

11. Kansas City Chiefs: Luke Kuechly – LB – Boston College
The Chiefs need a tackling machine in the middle of their defense.  They could also use an anchor in the middle of the defensive line, but nobody’s worth taking at #11.

12. Seattle Seahawks: Quentin Coples – DE – North Carolina
This seems to be the typical range for teams to start loading up on defensive ends.  Coples was pretty productive at UNC and the Seahawks could use an edge rusher.

13. Arizona Cardinals: David Decastro – OG – Stanford
The Cardinals need to shore up their offensive line now that their offense seems to be sputtering a little bit.

14. Dallas Cowboys: Mark Barron – SS – Alabama
Barron reminds me of former Cowboys safety Roy Williams, who was overrated.  And what better team to take an overrated player than the Dallas Cowboys?

15. Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Brockers – DT – LSU
I don’t think Brockers is a future superstar, but he is a solid run stopper.

16. New York Jets: Nick Perry – DE/OLB – USC
Ah, if only the Detroit King product had come to Michigan . . .  Anyway, he seems like an active run stopper at outside linebacker for a 3-4 team.  I think he would get lost as a true defensive end in a 4-3.

17. Cincinnati Bengals: Chandler Jones – DE – Syracuse
I’m torn between picking an offensive lineman or Jones here, but offense line doesn’t look very deep this year.  Maybe they can get one with their next pick.

18. San Diego Chargers: Whitney Mercilus – DE – Illinois
The Bengals took Cory Liuget out of Illinois at #18 last year, so I’m just doing this for the hell of it.

19. Chicago Bears: Dontari Poe – DT – Memphis
The Bears have a lot of parts to create a great defense, but what they lack is good anchor play in the middle.   Poe is overrated, but the Bears will probably take him here and then watch him turn into a bust.

20. Tennessee Titans: Stephon Gilmore – CB – South Carolina
Since Cortland Finnegan signed with the Rams in the off-season, Gilmore could fill his spot at cornerback.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Michael Floyd – WR – Notre Dame
The Bengals have A.J. Green, but Floyd could be the big possession guy opposite him.  This would give quarterback Andy Dalton two very good targets on the outside.

22. Cleveland Browns: Stephen Hill – WR – Georgia Tech
The Browns need lots of help on offense, and Hill would be a big play threat almost immediately.  Hill didn’t catch a lot of balls at Georgia Tech, but he’s an athletic freak in the same mold as a couple of his Yellowjacket predecessors.

23. Detroit Lions: Dre Kirkpatrick – CB – Alabama
The Lions desperately need a cornerback and they haven’t had a really solid one for several years.  The games against Green Bay and New Orleans last season really exposed the secondary.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jonathan Martin – OT – Stanford
The Steelers have been fielding a patchwork offensive line for the past few seasons and it shows.

25. Denver Broncos: Jerel Worthy – DT – Michigan State
I hope he fails.

26. Houston Texans: Rueben Randle – WR – LSU
I really like the Texans and think they’re a pretty solid overall team.  Randle would help make this offense virtually unstoppable.

27. New England Patriots: Courtney Upshaw – DE/OLB – Alabama
The Patriots need an edge rusher and haven’t had a solid one for the last several years.  Defense wins championships, but Bill Belichick’s defense has been struggling recently.

28. Green Bay Packers: Shea McClellin – DE – Boise State
The Packers offense seems to be chugging along just fine, so I think they need to upgrade the front seven.  McClellin seems like a guy who would fit in well there.

29. Baltimore Ravens: Peter Konz – C – Wisconsin
Matt Birk is probably about to retire, and the Ravens are a run-heavy football team.

30. San Francisco 49ers: Kevin Zeitler – OG – Wisconsin
The 49ers are solid on defense, and since they love to run the ball, they could use a big and powerful run blocker on the interior.

31. New England Patriots: Dont’a Hightower – LB – Alabama
Just like with the Upshaw pick, Hightower could make their front seven quite formidable.

32. New York Giants: David Wilson – RB – Virginia Tech
Wilson is a tough inside runner with a little bit of burst, and they could use an upgrade in the backfield.