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1Jun 2017
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A Look Back: David Harris

(image via Mike DeSimone)

(image via NY Daily News)

This week I get to write about my all-time favorite Wolverine defensive player.  Depending on which recruiting site you trust, Ottawa Hills (Grand Rapids) linebacker David Harris was considered a high-2 or low-3 star prospect.  Harris defied the odds and was picked in the second round of the NFL draft.  To my knowledge, Harris was the only 2-star recruit ever drafted from Michigan until Jeremy Clark was picked this year.  His career arc is one that shows what consistent work ethic and resilience can produce. 

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18May 2017
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A Look Back: 2006 vs. Notre Dame

(image via: my text message screenshots)

Full disclosure:  My girlfriend went to Notre Dame.

In honor of Notre Dame’s final paycheck to Charlie Weis going out this month, I decided to look back at one of the most anticipated (non-nighttime) matchups in the recent history of the rivalry.

2006:  #11 Michigan at #2 Notre Dame.

Link to game (thanks to WolverineHistorian)

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12May 2017
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A Look Back: The 2001 Michigan NFL Draft Class

Mo Williams (Getty images), pick #43 of the NFL draft in 2001, started 100 games as a pro after starting for Michigan in 2000.

 Michigan had a school record 11 players drafted in 2017.  It was, for sure, a great day to be a Michigan Wolverine.  In fact, as many Wolverines were drafted in 2017 as were drafted in the four previous years combined.  In light of this, I decided to look back this week at another one of Michigan’s most successful draft classes: 2001.


The 2001 draft wasn’t as deep for the Wolverines, as only five players were picked, but it was an insanely talented and relatively unique group.  All five players were taken in the first 43 picks of the draft, and they were all from the offensive side of the ball.  

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14Apr 2017
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A Look Back: BJ Askew

(image via MLive)

(image via Zimbio)

If you’re anything like me, you watched with glee this year as Michigan lined up for repeated 3rd and short situations, bunched up the offensive linemen, and ran a quick hand-off to Khalid Hill who almost invariably picked up the yards Michigan needed.  There was a welcome predictability in this routine.  It surprised me just how difficult the play proved to stop, even when everyone in the stadium saw it coming. We’ve seen plenty of Coach Harbaugh’s offensive sets attempt to trick the opposition, but when the team needed a yard (or sometimes less), Hill would get the rock.

When thinking about which Michigan player to take a look back at this week, I decided to go with someone who I would have loved to see perform in Jim Harbaugh’s version of Michigan’s offense.  Now there are lots of players, especially some of the recent quarterbacks, who it is difficult to imagine their careers under Harbaugh.  What heights would a player like Devin Gardner have reached under the tutelage of our QB-whisperer of a coach?  It is difficult to tell.  It is easier to predict, however, the success that former fullback BJ Askew would enjoy as a member of the 2017 Wolverines.

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6Apr 2017
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A Look Back: Todd Collins

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(image via NFLplayerengagement.com)


In addition to interviews, I’m going to write “throwback” columns about some Michigan players and games from the past.  Hopefully I can add some new information to your Michigan memories.   Today’s column features a look back at quarterback Todd Collins.  

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