A review:  Last Chance U (Netflix)

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27Jul 2017
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A review: Last Chance U (Netflix)


This post contains no spoilers.


Even as the football season is rapidly approaching, I feel myself starved for football content during the late summer months.  Last Friday, Netflix released season 2 of its original documentary series “Last Chance U.”  This series chronicles the trials and tribulations of the team that occupies one of the dustiest corners of college football – East Mississippi Community College.  The team on the field is dominant, and won the 2011, 2013, and 2014 NJCAA national titles, boasting a 12-0 records in all three seasons.  The docu-series picks up on the eve of the 2015 season (Season 1) and continues with the 2016 season (Season 2).   read more

6Jul 2017
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Happy 4th of July…From Canada

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This year is only the second year in my life that I spent the 4th of July outside of the United States.  While this time I was almost literally close enough to see the USA in Victoria, Canada, it was an odd feeling being out of the country on my favorite holiday.  It did get me thinking though, about the former Wolverines that hailed from our northern neighbor.  This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, and I’m sure I’ll get some help from the comment section regarding the players I missed.  For fun, I’ve ranked them based on their on-field contributions at Michigan.  

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23Jun 2017
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A Look Back: Jay Riemersma

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I only barely remember Jay Riemersma playing for Michigan, but have strong memories of his consistently solid performances while on the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers.   

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1Jun 2017
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A Look Back: David Harris

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This week I get to write about my all-time favorite Wolverine defensive player.  Depending on which recruiting site you trust, Ottawa Hills (Grand Rapids) linebacker David Harris was considered a high-2 or low-3 star prospect.  Harris defied the odds and was picked in the second round of the NFL draft.  To my knowledge, Harris was the only 2-star recruit ever drafted from Michigan until Jeremy Clark was picked this year.  His career arc is one that shows what consistent work ethic and resilience can produce. 

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18May 2017
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A Look Back: 2006 vs. Notre Dame

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Full disclosure:  My girlfriend went to Notre Dame.

In honor of Notre Dame’s final paycheck to Charlie Weis going out this month, I decided to look back at one of the most anticipated (non-nighttime) matchups in the recent history of the rivalry.

2006:  #11 Michigan at #2 Notre Dame.

Link to game (thanks to WolverineHistorian)

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