2010 Countdown: #82 Conelius Jones

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22Jun 2010
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2010 Countdown: #82 Conelius Jones

Name: Conelius Jones
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 197 lbs.
High school: Spartanburg High School in Spartanburg, SC
Position: Quarterback
Class: Freshman
Jersey number: N/A
Prediction for 2010: Redshirt

Jones is a very athletic prospect that Michigan pulled from historically atypical Wolverine territory – South Carolina. Oddly, no Michigan players came from South Carolina prior to 1993. Assuming Jones makes it to campus, he will be the eighth South Carolina native to don the maize and blue. Five of them will be on the 2010 roster – cornerback JT Floyd, defensive lineman Adam Patterson, wide receiver Junior Hemingway, offensive guard Quinton Washington, and Jones.

Jones has stated that he would be open to playing whatever position the coaches want him to play. His allegiance to these coaches has been strong because they were the first ones to offer him. So while Jones was recruited to play quarterback, he could eventually move to receiver or defensive back. When I think of how Jones’ career might pan out, I can’t help but think of Paul Thompson, the former Oklahoma Sooner who bounced back and forth between receiver and quarterback.

I expect Jones to redshirt in 2010. He’s an inexperienced quarterback, he played wide receiver in a South Carolina all-star game, and the local newspaper thought he would play defensive back in college. So he’s got some versatility, but the phrase, “Jack of all trades, master of none” comes to mind. Hopefully he can find a position on which to concentrate and contribute a couple years down the road. In the meantime, Michigan has enough talented quarterbacks to get through the 2010 campaign.

26Feb 2010
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2010 Recruiting Grades: Quarterbacks

Devin Gardner

Michigan picked up two commitments from quarterbacks in the class of 2010. The most highly touted of the two is Devin Gardner, generally viewed to be the jewel of the class. While he’s rough around the edges as a passer, Gardner has the speed, size, arm strength, and athleticism to be an absolute game changer.

The second quarterback in the class is Conelius Jones, another athletic player from Spartanburg, South Carolina. While he was recruited as a passer, there have been conflicting reports about his college position; various newspapers and recruiting sites have identified him as a wide receiver or a defensive back. He’s said that he wants a chance to compete at quarterback, but he’ll play wherever the coaches want him.

Prediction: Gardner will earn and/or be forced into playing time in 2010. Ideally, he’d redshirt, but Tate Forcier appears to be somewhat physically fragile, and Rich Rodriguez can’t toy with giving important snaps to Denard Robinson this year. Jones will almost surely redshirt. And while some people have quickly passed him off as a future wide receiver, he could be the quarterback in 2014. If Gardner plays as a freshman and Jones doesn’t, Gardner will run out of eligibility in 2013. Jones could be Michigan’s version of Jarrett Boyd at WVU, a solid player who played well when he finally earned the starting job as a fifth year senior.

Grade: A. In a year after pulling in two quarterbacks, Michigan got another two quarterbacks. One has star potential, and the other is a developmental prospect who has the athleticism to contribute elsewhere if needed.

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