Highlights: Michigan 42, Iowa 17

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31Oct 2012
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Senior Highlights: Logan Tuley-Tillman

Below are some highlights from Peoria (IL) Manual offensive tackle Logan Tuley-Tillman, a class of 2013 commitment.  I was rather critical of his technique when he committed, and I stand by those comments.  However, I do have to call a spade a spade – I think Tuley-Tillman has improved significantly since his junior year.  He still gets a little high at times and doesn’t always keep his feet moving through contact, but his pass blocking has taken a giant step forward and he keeps a wider base when run blocking.  It seems that an off-season of working out at camps and such has really taken hold.  When I update TTB Ratings (likely in the next month or so), Tuley-Tillman should get bumped up from his current rating of 79.