Self-Indulgent Post of the Week: Screaming Like a Banshee

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1Feb 2019
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Self-Indulgent Post of the Week: Screaming Like a Banshee

What am I watching? I’ve been binge-watching Banshee on Prime Video. I started a few months ago when I had some time and saw the first three episodes, but then the holidays hit, and time vanished. It originally aired on Cinemax and ran for four seasons. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s about an ex-con who escapes and then cons his way into becoming the sheriff of a fictional town in Pennsylvania called Banshee. It’s a good mix of violence and sex.

What am I googling? I have been looking up different ways to block inside and outside zone. We tried some inside zone stuff but we weren’t as good at it as we had hoped, so I’m looking at different ways to block it, different RPOs to run off of it, different motions, different formations, etc.

What am I looking forward to? I’m looking forward to what everyone should be looking forward to this weekend: Super Bowl LIII, the Patriots vs. the Rams. I’m not a fan of Super Bowl parties, because I actually like to watch the game rather than be distracted by conversations. Usually I make Buffalo Chicken Dip for the Super Bowl, but this year I want to try something else for a change. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to make, but usually it’s just one big thing since, you know, the no party thing.

25Jan 2019
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Self-Indulgent Post of the Week: What happened to Team Coco?

(image via New York Times)

What am I watching? I’m watching You on Netflix. A friend recommended the show to me, comparing it to Dexter, one of my all-time favorite shows (and a pretty good book series). You is about a book store manager named Joe who has some . . . questionable qualities but is in love with a girl named Becks in New York City. It’s based on a book by Caroline Kepnes called You.

What am I googling? I’ve been looking up what happened to Conan. I used to be a huge fan of whatever show Conan O’Brien was hosting at any given time, but then life caught up with me, I couldn’t stay up late, and I couldn’t always watch it on demand. I had a random urge to watch it this week, and I found out that it went off the air back in October for a few months. Now it’s back in a 30-minute format, which (surprise!) is shorter than its old 60-minute format.

What am I looking forward to? I heard this week about a Sopranos prequel movie called The Many Saints of Newark. There have been rumors about prequels and sequels for several years, but now some concrete plans are in the works. Michael Gandolfini, the son of James Gandolfini (who played Tony Soprano), will be playing the younger version of Tony.

What about you guys? What are you watching, googling, and looking forward to?

18Jan 2019
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Self-Indulgent Post of the Week: Let’s Get Off Topic

I’ve been listening to the Talking Football Podcast with Coach Ron McKie, Jr. for the last eight months or so, and he has a pretty interesting interview tactic of asking three questions to the subjects of his interviews. I’m stealing that, and I’m going to ask myself the same questions.

What are you googling? I’ve been googling different ways to run the pin-and-pull. In case you don’t know, the pin-and-pull is a running play that Michigan has run various versions of over the years, including during the Rich Rodriguez and Jim Harbaugh years. Basically, uncovered linemen block down toward the ball, and covered linemen pull toward the playside.

What are you watching? I’m watching Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime, most notably starring John Krasinski from The Office. It’s a lot like Homeland, another one of my favorite shows.

What are you looking forward to? I’m looking forward to going to the gym. Seriously. When it’s football season, I don’t have a ton of time to work out. Now when I get a chance to lift weights and get some cardio in, I look forward to it. I played some basketball the other day for the first time since last summer, and it felt good.

What are you guys googling? What are you watching? And what are you looking forward to?

29Dec 2015
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Self-Indulgent Post: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (spoilers!)

Am I the only one who things Kylo Ren looks badass?

Amidst all the holiday hoopla, I found some time to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Monday. I went to a 2:30 p.m. showing, got there 45 minutes early, and still found myself at the end of a very long line. There were some stragglers who came in behind us, but it was a jam-packed auditorium after another 15 minutes. For some reason, there were a couple drunk guys next to me. They were entertaining, but being drunk by 1:45 p.m. on a Monday takes a special kind of dedication.

Hit the jump (only if you’re okay with SPOILERS). I have avoided all written reviews and discussion of the movie so I wouldn’t spoil it for myself, so I apologize if some of this material has been discussed ad nauseum by now.

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24Jan 2015
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Video: Klay Thompson’s 37-point quarter

Pardon my departure from Michigan sports, but this is too good to ignore:

Golden State Warrior Klay Thompson scored 37 points in the third quarter against the Sacramento Kings on his way to a game total of 52. It would have been amazing to be in the arena and feel the energy of the crowd during a run like he had, when he was 13/13 from the field and 9/9 from three-point land. Wow.