Morning Roundup: December 29, 2019

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29Dec 2019
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Morning Roundup: December 29, 2019


Yes, this was targeting:

People are throwing out some solutions for the targeting rule, so I might as well throw my hat into the ring as a rule maker.

A lot of people – I would venture to say most – don’t understand “targeting.” The problem, in my opinion, is the word “targeting.” It seems to imply that there has to be something intentional about it. If you go out for target practice, you’re intentionally trying to shoot at a precise spot (a hay bale, a bullseye, etc.). If a missile hits its target, yes, it was intentional.

“Targeting” in football doesn’t have anything to do with intent. You either do it or you don’t. You can’t:

  1. Lower your head to make contact with the crown of the helmet.
  2. Create forcible contact to the head/neck area.

So change the terminology. Call #1 “spearing” and call #2 “targeting” or “head-hunting” or “flibbergibbing” or whatever you want. But I’ve discovered that a lack of education on a topic causes a lot of outrage. The “powers that be” of NCAA football need to show up on a national, widely watched broadcast and explain “targeting” or “spearing” or whatever the call ends up being. They need to show examples. And those examples can be provided on Youtube, Twitter, websites, etc. anytime there’s a question about “targeting.”

I’m glad LSU and Clemson are the two representatives in the national championship game. I’ll be rooting for LSU.

16Sep 2018
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What is targeting?

Khaleke Hudson

I have seen a lot of arguments popping up about how bad of a call it was to send Khaleke Hudson to the locker room for targeting SMU quarterback William Brown on Saturday. I argued with people on Twitter for a while, which is never a good idea, so I don’t know why I wasted my time.

But this is a great place to waste some of my time, so here I go:

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23Oct 2016
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Michigan 41, Illinois 8

Karan Higdon (image via Atlantic Broadband)

Karan Higdon (image via Atlantic Broadband)

Michigan shakes up the offensive line. After the injury to left tackle Grant Newsome a few weeks ago, Michigan has been searching for some consistency on the left side. Redshirt sophomore Juwann Bushell-Beatty was the first player to draw into the lineup in Newsome’s spot. I know some people said he was doing fine, but I saw a guy who was struggling with his assignments. This week the Wolverines started fifth year senior Ben Braden at left tackle and true freshman Ben Bredeson at left guard, which I think is a superior lineup. I said since he committed (LINK) that I think Bushell-Beatty can play left tackle down the road if he manages his body properly, but I also thought he would be a guy to potentially start late in his career, not necessarily as a redshirt sophomore. There are still some things to work on for the future. Meanwhile, I thought the line had a decent day outside of right guard Kyle Kalis, who I think probably played his worst game of the season.

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26Sep 2016
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What exactly is targeting?

Joe Julius is the answer to the question: What would Jared Lorenzen be like if he grew up in London?

Targeting is a penalty that has gained more and more attention in recent years, as leagues try to prevent head injuries in order to preserve players’ health and the game itself. But a lot of people still have no idea what targeting is. It came up in Michigan’s game against Penn State on Saturday, when PSU linebacker Brandon Smith was booted for targeting wide receiver Grant Perry. It came up again later in the game when some Michigan fans thought kick returner Jourdan Lewis was targeted by PSU kicker Joe “Big Toe” Julius.

Hit the jump for a discussion of the rule and some examples.

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