Terry Richardson Answers Your Questions

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24Apr 2012
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Terry Richardson Answers Your Questions

Image via the Detroit News

Cass Tech’s Terry Richardson created a fan firestorm last July when he announced he would be taking recruiting visits to other schools.  Although he emphasized that he was firm in his Michigan commitment, Terry wanted to take advantage of his once in a lifetime opportunity to go through the recruiting process and travel the nation.  But when the Michigan coaching staff informed him that “they really didn’t want [him] to do it,” Terry reevaluated his situation, thought to himself, “What do I really want?” and chose to sacrifice his free vacations for the opportunity to wear the winged helmet.  Satisfied with the decision, Terry recently took the time to reflect on his past, look toward his future, and answer several reader questions.

The Cass Teach Pipeline:  “I don’t really say that it’s a pipeline because you do have other players that have gone other places.  What I do say is that Cass Tech and Michigan have a great and proud relationship and the fact that we trust them and they trust in us – that’s why they can come in and get great players because we believe in them and they believe in us . . . . With [2013 Cass Tech commit] Jourdan Lewis, I see greatness.  For six or seven years we all played ball together for the West Side Cubs, and he has raw ability.  He could be a top receiver; he could be a top corner.  He’ll fit in wherever you put him at because he’s an athlete.”

Attending Michigan:  “I love the staff up there.  I love what Coach Hoke and Coach Mattison are trying to do.  And two of my best friends are going there with me. . . . After a while I just thought that it would be best for me to go to Michigan – for my family and for me playing football. . . . Coach Wilcher just told me to go wherever I wanted to go.  He just said go where I feel I’m wanted at, and go where I fit in.  And that’s Michigan.”

Measurables:  “My forty yard dash time is 4.47 hand timed; electronic, it’s 4.51/4.52.  My 200 meter dash electronic is 22.2; hand timed it’s 21.8, and my 100-meter dash is electronic 10.8, and hand timed it’s 10.7. . . . My height is 5’10” and I’m 163 pounds.  For me and ideally for the coaches they want me at 180 pounds, at least.  And at the max, no more than 190 solid, because I don’t want to lose my speed and some of the intangible things that I’ve got. . . . I went from 140 to 160-some in probably about two months, so I’m hoping that I can do that again when it comes to being ready for college.”

Preparation:  “I train pretty much all the time.  I might train for two, three hours; some days like today, I might go for like four hours.  Pretty much I’m just lifting weights and eating.  Just a whole lot of eating, stuff like peanut butter and potatoes.  And just lifting and training hard with James [Ross] and Royce [Jenkins-Stone]; we really try to get it in.  Some of it is at Cass Tech, but I train in Total Sports; it’s in Wixom, MI, so I can go out there and do my football drills, too. . . . We’ve been going there for the past three to four years.”

Role at Michigan:  “Well, to me personally, playing corner is just playing corner – I don’t believe in any field side corner or the boundary corner.  My role is to lock on the best receivers and shut them down.  But pretty much they want me playing like the field corner – and maybe some nickel back, too – but pretty much field corner and punt returns/kick returns.”

Forced choice:  special teams only or redshirt:  “That’s a real good question because I think that might be a high possibility and for me to consider my options.  Well, honestly, if Coach Hoke needs me out there – I’ll do it.  But other than that, if I can have more time and get my body together and learn the system, then by next year I’d be ready to go.  But it all depends on what Coach Hoke would want.”

Making a difference for team 133 and beyond:  “I think it’s my ability to be in a position to make a play.  If you’re in good position, sometimes the quarterbacks won’t make that throw.  With me being in the right position, that’ll help out the linebackers and the D-ends, like Royce and James and Bolden to come up and make a play, too.”