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29Jan 2012
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Video: Tom VanHaaren works out with Mike Barwis

Tom VanHaaren, currently of Wolverine Nation  but formerly of MGoBlog and U Recruit, worked out with Mike Barwis recently.  I’m sure it was an experience he will remember . . . but it doesn’t look like he enjoyed it very much.

It must be frustrating not to be totally ripped and physically fit.  Luckily, I don’t have to worry about that.

20Jan 2012
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The Friars: Denard Robinson Song

As a former University of Michigan Men’s Glee Clubber myself, I’m proud to help spread this video around the internets.  The Friars are an eight-man a cappella group spawned from the drunken and erotic coupling of Josh Groban and Shakira.

And now, due to circumstances beyond my control, I present to you . . . The Friars.