The 2020 Countdown is Coming!

The 2020 Countdown is Coming!

May 3, 2020
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If you’re a regular here at Touch the Banner, you probably know what begins in the month of May. Every year since 2009, I have counted down from the least important player on that year’s roster to the most important player, including starters, scholarship players, preferred walk-ons, special teams players, student body walk-ons, and everyone in between. That’s right, this is the eleventh (12th!) annual season countdown.

In case you want a look back at last year’s countdown, here it is (LINK).

YEARLY DISCLAIMER: The countdown is by the player’s importance to the team, not his overall talent. A talented player at a deep position won’t necessarily be missed a lot if he gets injured, but an injury to a moderately talented player at a thin position could be devastating. For example, I had Donovan Jeter ranked at #1B in 2019 because of the dearth of defensive tackle talent; and while Jeter turned out not to be a key player when healthy, the position itself was so lacking that Michigan struggled up front, which affected the usage of the defensive ends and Josh Uche, not to mention perhaps also creating the Jordan Glasgow-as-DT meme to bash defensive coordinator Don Brown. Joshua Ross is a better player than Jeter, but Ross wasn’t missed as much because there was depth at inside linebacker.

I know times are tough, but now is a good time to suggest a Paypal donation if you appreciate the content here at TTB:

Be ready for the countdown to begin tomorrow, May 4.


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    May 05, 2020 at 11:27 AM


    Love the site plus your comments on mgoblog. Just donated for got to sign in. Will try and get you next month too. Times are tough ( I am fine, but just in general), but we gotta keep you going!!!

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      May 05, 2020 at 11:41 AM

      Thanks, Klctlc! I appreciate the comment and the donation. Not everything is about money, but whether it’s AdSense or my site or the crowded internet or the economy, ad revenue just isn’t what it used to be. Traffic is actually pretty steady, but I guess I’m needing to rely more and more on support rather than ad revenue. Literally, I’m sometimes making 20% of the ad revenue on a daily basis that I was making at times back in 2011 or so. It’s funny, because at one time I was like, “Jeez, I might just be able to blog for a living” and now sometimes I’m like, “Hmm, I hope this hobby pays for itself.”

      Anyway, not looking for pity or anything, but I just like to be open about the economics of the thing. There are a lot of readers who probably don’t have any idea of the economics behind blogging (which I wouldn’t, either, unless I did it).

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        You seem like one of the last people who would look for pity. I am always kicking myself when I buy from amazon and I forget your link.

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