Trevor Keegan, Wolverine

Trevor Keegan, Wolverine

December 15, 2018

Crystal Lake (IL) South OT Trevor Keegan

Crystal Lake (IL) South offensive tackle Trevor Keegan committed to Michigan on Friday evening. He picked the Wolverines over offers from Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Penn State, and USC, among others.

Keegan is listed in various places as being 6’6″ and 310 lbs. He claims a 5.52 forty, a 4.52 shuttle, a 30″ vertical, and a 315 lb. bench press.

ESPN: 4-star, 83 grade, #17 OT, #168 overall
Rivals: 4-star, 5.8 grade, #21 OT, #208 overall
247 Sports: 4-star, 92 grade, #19 OT, #173 overall

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Michigan has been recruiting Keegan for several months, and while the Wolverines have probably been the leaders for the longest time of any school, a couple other programs made a push. He visited Ohio State, and the official visit to Georgia was a concerning one. But after the effects of the Athens visit wore off, he was back to wanting to play in the midwest for Michigan.

First of all, it’s a little bit funny to watch Keegan’s senior highlights, because he and another massive dude man the offensive guard positions, and they are flanked by an average-sized center and average-sized tackles. Usually in high school, you see big tackles with smaller interior linemen. Keegan has an excellent frame for a college offensive tackle. He looks every bit of 6’6″ with long arms. He runs well in a straight line, and he shows the ability to bend. He should be an asset on down blocks and double-teams, and he likes to finish blocks. There are a couple clips of him hustling downfield to make key blocks or simply celebrate with his teammates in the endzone.

Keegan can be a little slow with his first step, which could be a problem in both the pass and the run game, and he needs to work on his lateral quickness. He plays a little bit high in pass protection, as well as when he pulls. That will be less of an issue when he’s playing tackle in college. Keegan also has some reshaping of his body to do. He needs to fill out in the upper body and gain some muscle mass.

Overall, Michigan got a good one in Keegan, but he has some work to do in order to play at the next level. He reminds me of former Michigan offensive lineman Mark Ortmann, who was a Hugh Rader Award – given to the team’s best lineman – winner for the Wolverines in 2009. Ortmann went undrafted in 2010 and spent some time with the Panthers and Falcons in the NFL. Keegan is heavier than Ortmann was coming out of high school, but Ortmann ended up playing at about 305 lbs. Keegan may be forced into playing a big role as a redshirt freshman, but he looks like a prospect whom I would normally expect to take three to four years before being ready.

Michigan now has 24 commitments in the 2019 class. They have six offensive linemen, including Keegan, and Danielson Ike is taking an official visit this weekend. Most of the other players have some position flexibility, but Keegan is the most likely to stick at tackle throughout his career. He’s the first recruited player from Illinois since Ian Bunting in 2014.

TTB Rating: 81 (ratings explanation)


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    Dec 15, 2018 at 3:37 PM

    Welcome big fella. Interesting though: Keegan is the one who plays Guard, not Tackle in High School, but is most likely to stay outside

    “Most of the other players have some position flexibility, but Keegan is the most likely to stick at tackle throughout his career”

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    Dec 16, 2018 at 10:19 PM

    I haven’t seen that much tape on Trevor Keegan. From what I’ve seen he looks like a solid player but not overly athletic. That’s OK as most of our good OL aren’t that good of athletes either. Somehow Warriner makes these guys adequate despite lack of ideal size. With Keegan’s size you’d hope maybe they’ll have something here. Sure would be nice to have a stud OT at some point. Overall I think Thunder’s grade is about right at 81.

    On a side note, I watched the commitment live and I regretted it immediately. I really don’t get this generation and their “look at me” press conferences. I know his mom is from Livonia but she was driving me nuts. At one point she told a group of kids something like, “dream big and good things will happen” as she talked down to them. Yeah, like, “dream big and hope to grow to 6’6″ tall and weigh over 300 lbs because then you can almost be as good as my son”. UGH. I was almost hoping he wouldn’t commit to UM because his parents were so smug (some would say that is fitting). It was even more irritating that the family joined in by unleashing UM swag at the same time as their son for the big reveal. However, I got over it and am excited to have him. Go Blue.

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      Dec 17, 2018 at 11:43 AM

      I have only watched two live commitments in my years writing for this site (other than the broadcasts of the All-America games, where several guys do it live during the game). One was Jabrill Peppers (yay!), and the other was the Facebook livestream of Isaiah Wilson (boo!). Peppers’s was relatively quick because it was an interview on ESPNU or something like that, but Wilson’s took forever because it took place during a school assembly. That was the day I said I wouldn’t bother watching another one.

      Good for the kids or whatever, but I don’t care that much to spend 30-45 minutes watching to see a decision. I’ll just find out on Twitter or from text messages.

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