What I’ve Been Reading

What I’ve Been Reading

March 17, 2023

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The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle by Jim Butcher. I did at one time enjoy reading Butcher’s Harry Dresden series, and while I still want to continue, I’ve just been caught up reading other things. I happened to stumble across a graphic novel version of a new story by Butcher – one that won’t be covered by the longer novels – so I thought I would take a shot. Luckily, Butcher’s humor is still infused throughout the comic, which I enjoy. Plus it’s nice to see an artist’s rendition of some of the characters and action from the novel series.

No Plan B by Lee Child and Andrew Child. This is book 27 in the series, and I’ve read all of them now. Series creator Lee Child has handed off the writing to his son Andrew, but the character continues. Personally, I feel like there has been a drop-off in the past couple books, but maybe it’s just my perception. The character seems to be a little more bland, and in this particular book, the story is kind of confusing. Too many characters are poorly explained and underdeveloped for too long in the novel.

No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover. Having gone through some professional troubles in recent months, it was recommended to me to take in this book by Dr. Robert Glover. Basically, if you’re like me and you sometimes go with the flow too much, that can cause issues. I tend to be a very principled person and I don’t let anyone compromise my morals, but there are times when I don’t always put my goals front and center. This book talks about romantic relationships perhaps a little too much to fit exactly what I was looking for, but there are still some ideas in here to get more out of your professional/working relationships.

The Magicians: Alice’s Story by Lev Grossman. You may remember me fawning over Grossman’s The Magicians trilogy, even though the TV show was pretty terrible. Alice’s Story is a graphic novel told from the perspective of Quentin Coldwater’s primary romantic interest, who is also a magician at Brakebills. The characters in the graphic novel were much more how I perceived them from the books rather than the television show, so it was nice to see a more accurate take. However, the graphic novel doesn’t really add much to the story that wasn’t already explored, so it was more just a quicker chance to revisit the story – with pictures!

Cancer Free with Food by Liana Werner Gray. Unfortunately, my family has been ravaged by cancer in recent years. I guess that goes hand-in-hand with the times. Everyone’s life has been touched by cancer. But a recent diagnosis of yet another family member caused me to dive deep into some research to try to help. I tend to believe that doctors do the best they can with drugs, but the food we put in our bodies can be a daily medicine – or an instigator for disease. Not only did I find some good foods in here to suggest for my family member, but there are also some really good tasting recipes in here that I have started to make in my own kitchen. For example, the meatball recipe in this book is awesome.

What have you been reading?

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