What I’ve Been Reading: Dopamine Nation

What I’ve Been Reading: Dopamine Nation

August 6, 2023

Dopamine Nation by Anna Lembke. I’ve talked about this a little bit on Twitter – maybe not here so much – but the last year or so has been a gigantic struggle in my personal life. I won’t get into the details, but there have been some addiction issues and dramatic events with the people around me that have really taken a toll. (To be clear, I don’t have any addiction issues but have been caught up in the wash of others’.) I came across this book in a little bookstore on vacation, and the synopsis really hit home, so I bought it and took a lot of notes. Basically, Lembke is a therapist who talks about how to deal with various addictions – alcohol, drugs, food, adult media, sex, etc. – and what they do to our brains. There are some personal stories from her dealings with patients, but she also talks about ways she has dealt with problematic issues in her own life. Anyway, if you feel overwhelmed or know someone who feels overwhelmed by compulsive or addictive behavior, maybe give it a read.

I’m currently reading the following two books…

Rayne & Delilah’s Midnite Matinee by Jeff Zentner. Zentner was recommended to me by an author friend. I’m only a few chapters in, but it’s about a couple girls who host a cheesy basic cable show about bad horror movies, but they’re coming of age and have to choose their next steps in life. The premise sounds lame, but Zentner is an excellent author. I previously read his In the Wild Light, which was awesome.

The Hot Seat: A Year of Outrage, Pride, and Occasional Games of College Football by Ben Mathis-Lilley. I always thought Mathis-Lilley was a Michigan grad, but it turns out he’s just a Michigan fan. Anyway, this book talks about college football coaches being on the proverbial “hot seat” where they’re at risk of losing their job. It has a large focus on Jim Harbaugh and his struggles to make Michigan fans happy because of not beating Ohio State in his first several years at the helm in Ann Arbor.

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