Ex-Wolverine Updates: Week 8

    Wilton Speight (image via Daily News)

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    Devin Asiasi, TE (UCLA): Asiasi caught 1 pass for a 24-yard touchdown in a 31-30 win over Arizona.


    Ian Bunting, TE (California): Bunting made 2 catches for 24 yards in a 37-7 loss to UCLA, which is the Bruins' first victory this season.

    Wilton Speight, QB (UCLA): Speight was 17/27 for 204 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions in the 31-30 win over Arizona. He also ran 4 times for -2 yards.

    Maurice Ways, WR (California): Ways made 1 catch for 14 yards in a 49-7 win over Oregon State.

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    MLive: Jim Harbaugh - "That's the opposite of BS"

    Jim Harbaugh isn't running from Saturday's kerfuffle (LINK).

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    James Hudson, Ex-Wolverine

    James Hudson

    Redshirt freshman offensive tackle James Hudson has decided to move on from the Michigan football program.

    Hudson was a class of 2017 recruit who was a 247 Composite 4-star, the #13 defensive tackle, and #231 overall. I gave him a TTB Rating of 85 (LINK). Hudson started off playing defensive tackle at Michigan, but he switched to the offensive side of the ball, which is where I saw him fitting best when he came out of high school. Rumors out of this summer were that Hudson was pushing Juwann Bushell-Beatty for a starting offensive tackle spot, but obviously he lost that battle and had only been playing backup snaps so far this year.

    This is an unfortunate development for Michigan. I thought Hudson was going to be a good offensive tackle, but he probably needed some more time to develop. Michigan needs offensive tackles and can't afford to lose the good ones it has. It's somewhat baffling that an offensive tackle would leave at this point with Bushell-Beatty graduating this year and Jon Runyan, Jr. done after next year.

    Michigan now has just 80 scholarship players on the roster (LINK), so with 11 seniors graduating, the 2019 class should be at least 16 players strong.

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    Michigan vs. Michigan State Awards

    Donovan Peoples-Jones (image via Twitter)

    Let's see more of this guy on offense . . . Dylan McCaffrey. We have seen Penn State use two quarterbacks on the field at the same time with some effectiveness in recent years, and they also let running backs take direct snaps on occasion. I would like to see the Wolverines give McCaffrey a couple plays on the field with Shea Patterson, like they did briefly against Wisconsin. McCaffrey is a good enough athlete to do a few different things (run, catch, and throw).

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    Football Study Hall: Return of the tailback

    Ian Boyd talks about the reemergence of the tailback position (LINK).

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    Michigan 21, Michigan State 7

    Donovan Peoples-Jones (image via The Michigan Daily)

    Thoughts on the pre-game scuffle. A brief recap of the events that took place prior to the game: Supposedly, Michigan State was 10 minutes late for their warmup, which they begin with an arm-in-arm walk down the field; their lateness meant that some Michigan players were already stretching on the field, so they walked right through the Michigan players (Lawrence Marshall, Lavert Hill, and others), resulting in a physical altercation. Without that context, it looked pretty unsportsmanlike for Devin Bush, Jr. to tear up the Spartan in the middle of the field with his cleats, digging an "L" into the grass. Provided that context . . . I shrug my shoulders. Tradition or not, MSU's team doesn't need to walk arm-in-arm the entire length of the field and make physical contact with the opposing team's players. The rule in football is that each team stays on its own side of the 50-yard line in pre-game warmups. If you need to get to the other end of the field, you use the sidelines.

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    MLive: Inside the pregame scuffle and how it motivated Michigan

    If you paid attention to Michigan's game at all, you probably know about the pregame scuffle (LINK).

    Mark Dantonio is a douche.

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