2009 Football Roster

2009 Football Roster

July 28, 2009

The 2009 football roster was released on Mgoblue.com today, which is exciting for nerds like me. Some notes on changes and arrivals:

Freshman Justin Turner is #2 and listed as a cornerback.

Steve Brown is now listed as a linebacker, so apparently the coaching staff considers the Spinner position to be a LB rather than a safety. That was somewhat expected.

Brandon Smith is now #4 after having previously been #28. He’s also listed as a LB instead of a safety, which happened during spring practice.

Freshman Je’Ron Stokes shares the #4 jersey with Smith and Brandon Minor. Stokes’ jersey number could change if he warrants playing time, but I always figured he’d redshirt this season, so perhaps this is just another sign pointing in that direction. (Two players can’t be on the field at the same time while wearing the same number.)

Freshman Adrian Witty is #13 and listed as a cornerback.

Freshman Teric Jones is #14 and listed as a slot receiver.

Freshman Thomas Gordon is #15 and listed as a safety.

Freshman Denard Robinson is #16 and listed as a quarterback.

QB David Cone has switched numbers from #16 to #17.

Michael Shaw is now listed as a running back after previously having been listed as a wide receiver.

Redshirt sophomore Kelvin Grady (the former basketball player) is #19 and listed as a slot receiver.

Freshman Isaiah Bell is #26 and listed as a linebacker.

Freshman Fitzgerald Toussaint is #28 and listed as a running back.

Freshman Jeremy Gallon is #29 and listed as a slot receiver.

Troy Woolfolk is now a safety after previously playing cornerback.

Freshman Michael Schofield is #75.

Freshman Quinton Washington is #76.

Freshman Taylor Lewan is #77.

Freshman Craig Roh is #88 and listed as an outside linebacker (as are all of the candidates for the Quick position).

Greg Banks is now listed as a defensive tackle after previously having been a defensive end. He’s only 266 lbs., which shows how different this defense will be from years past.

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