2010 Recruiting Grades: Wide Receiver

2010 Recruiting Grades: Wide Receiver

March 3, 2010
Jerald Robinson. #4. The red, white, and silver #4. Uhhh…the guy catching the ball. Yeah, him.

The Wolverines picked up three wide receivers in the class of 2010 (slot receivers will be a separate category). At one point in the process, Michigan had six commitments from guys who were recruited to play either wide receiver or slot, so Rich Rodriguez obviously thought the team was lacking at the position. This despite the fact that Michigan only lost Greg Mathews and Laterryal Savoy in 2009, and they shouldn’t lose anyone in 2010.

The first commitment came from Ricardo Miller, a 6’2″, 208 lb. wideout from Dr. Phillips in Orlando, FL. So intent to play at Michigan, he and his family moved to Ann Arbor to attend Pioneer High School. Miller was considered by many Michigan fans to be at least a 4-star prospect, with the chance to be a 5-star. Unfortunately, many of them hadn’t seen him play at that point. Miller is a big receiver with a magnetic personality; he was even credited by Rodriguez as an ace recruiter. What he lacks is elite speed. He might even lack above average speed.

A couple days later, running backs coach Fred Jackson’s son, Jeremy Jackson, announced his commitment to Michigan. Jackson stands 6’3″ and 194 and attended Huron High School in Ann Arbor. In a slightly alarming trend, Jackson also lacks great speed, perhaps even more so than Miller. In fact, both Miller and Jackson are so big and so . . . not fast that there has been much discussion that they could move to tight end.

Jerald Robinson, from Canton South in Ohio, waited until February 2010 to commit. He’s a 6’2″, 175 lb. receiver, although when I first evaluated him, I really thought he would be a candidate to play safety in college. He’s not exactly a blazer, although he’s faster than Miller and Jackson. Like Jackson, though, he’s decent at going into traffic.

Projections: At this point, I think all three of these players will stick at wide receiver – no tight end for Jackson or Miller, and no safety for Robinson. That being said, I do not think any of the three will be assuming the crown of Michigan’s Next Great Receiver. At least one will almost surely play in the fall, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see two of them on the field; Rodriguez isn’t shy about burning redshirts, for the most part. Robinson is the most likely to be an impact player in the passing game. He possesses the best speed and big play ability. The other two will have to prove their worth early on by blocking in the running game.

Grade: C. I’m not a big fan of this class of receivers. All three players have good qualities, but they also lack elite physical talent. In an offense that revolves around getting its players in space, Rodriguez took several early commitments from guys who might struggle to get open. And if they do get open, they might not be able to do much with the ball. Laterryal Savoy earned a starting job in 2008 by being the best blocking receiver on the team, but it’s somewhat disturbing to think that perhaps the best thing that comes out of this class is . . . a couple Laterryal Savoys.


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    Mar 03, 2010 at 5:27 PM

    What about D.J. Williamson? Do you project him as a DB? He is the only WR in this class with field stretching speed.

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    Mar 03, 2010 at 5:40 PM

    @ jbibiza

    I'm penciling Williamson in at slot. He said on/near signing day that he would start out at slot receiver. That post will be coming later today.

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