2011 Countdown: #38 Rocko Khoury

2011 Countdown: #38 Rocko Khoury

July 24, 2011
Rocko Khoury (#63)

Name: Rocko Khoury
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 295 lbs.
High school: West High School in Traverse City, MI
Position: Center/offensive guard
Class: Redshirt junior
Jersey number: #63
Last year: I ranked Khoury #31 and said he would be the backup center.  He played as a backup center in three games.

Khoury didn’t play as much as I expected in 2010, but that was a good thing, because it meant starting center David Molk didn’t get hurt as much as I expected.  Khoury’s most extensive experience came during the game against Iowa in which Molk left with an injury after about two snaps.  The redshirt sophomore backup acquitted himself pretty well against a notoriously tough defense.  There were a couple off-target snaps (but nothing terrible) and a couple bad seals, but overall it was a solid debut for a kid who hadn’t played much prior to that day (see video below).

Now as a redshirt junior, Khoury sits behind Molk once again.  Molk, who is the strongest offensive lineman on the team, doesn’t get overpowered often, but last season it was clear that Khoury needs to continue to develop his bulk and strength.  At 295 lbs. he’s not tiny, but he’s not huge, either.  He could afford to play at 300-305 lbs. since he’s 6’4″ and presumably won’t be doing as much zone blocking as the past three seasons.  The gap between the two centers is noticeable, but Michigan can still be a successful unit with Khoury snapping the ball if an injury occurs.  He also offers the added bonus of being versatile enough to play offensive guard, if necessary.  Starting guards Patrick Omameh and Steve Schilling were extremely durable in the past, but Ricky Barnum is likely to step up in place of the graduated Schilling, and Barnum has had some injury issues in his first few seasons.

Prediction: #2 center; #3 offensive guard

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