2018 Pro Day Results

2018 Pro Day Results

March 24, 2018

Maurice Hurst, Jr.

Michigan’s Pro Day took place on Friday, March 23. Here are the results of the video, including a wrap-up video from Michigan.

OL Mason Cole: 6’4″, 308 lbs., 78.5″ wingspan, 9 5/8″ hand size, 27.5″ vertical, 4.85 shuttle

*FB Khalid Hill: 6’2″, 263 lbs., 75.75″ wingspan, 9 3/8″ hand size, 21 x 225 bench

DT Maurice Hurst, Jr.: 6’1″, 291 lbs., 77″ wingspan, 9 3/4″ hand size, 29 x 225 bench, 4.91 forty, 31″ vertical, 7.71 three-cone drill, 4.62 shuttle, 8’8.75″ broad jump

QB John O’Korn: 6’3″, 213 lbs., 78″ wingspan, 9 3/8″ hand size, 4.96 forty, 27″ vertical, 6.95 three-cone drill, 4.6 shuttle, 8’8″ broad jump

FB Henry Poggi: 6’2″, 243 lbs., 75″ wingspan, 9 1/8″ hand size, 17 x 225 bench, 5.03 forty, 30″ vertical, 7.22 three-cone drill, 4.44 shuttle, 9’2.5″ broad jump

LB Mike Wroblewski: 6’2″, 238 lbs., 76″ wingspan, 9 3/4″ hand size, 24 x 225 bench, 4.7 forty, 32″ vertical, 6.73 three-cone drill, 4.2 shuttle, 9′ 6.25″ broad jump

*Hill has a hamstring strain that prevented him from doing more drills



  1. Comments: 182
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    Mar 25, 2018 at 12:26 PM

    damn hurst prob couldnt have done much better. nice to see him back up some wildly impressive tape with solid #s

  2. Comments: 313
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    Mar 26, 2018 at 8:59 AM

    Honestly, I thought Hurst was going to run a ridiculous 40, something like 4.72. Watching him sprint with Gary in practice, he looks half step behind, and I thought Gary was supposed to be in freak of nature 4.6 range.

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    Mar 26, 2018 at 9:45 PM

    Somebody who supposedly talked to some football players posted some things on a message board:

    “The biggest frustration among the Wolverines was the misuse of certain personnel offensively. There were a lot of meetings in the preseason and talk of using Eddie McDoom, Khalid Hill, Chris Evans, Tyrone Wheatley Jr., and Nick Eubanks certain ways. ”

    “Then as the season developed, they just weren’t running the plays that emphasized these guys’ strengths. Worse off, they were putting them in positions to be unsuccessful, like asking Eddie McDoom to be a fade route receiver or barely using Hill”

    “game day would come and they would deviate from a lot of the things they worked on in practice. ”

    “players were really frustrated with was the stubbornness of some of the personnel decisions. Guys said that it was pretty clear within the first 3 games that Karan Higdon was the best running back on the team but that the coaches didn’t go that way until week 6 against Indiana. “It cost us the Michigan State game,” one player said. ”

    ” Wilton Speight was the best QB by far and that if he didn’t get hurt they think he would have turned it around and could have really brought the young players along with him. “I know the fans hated Wilton and the media was hard on him, but he was the guy for a reason. ”

    “They said they were shocked by JOK against Purdue because they had never seen him play like that before, but think it was the perfect storm for the kid because of the history with the Boilermaker assistant coach. After the first half against MSU, guys were like, ‘Uh-oh’ because they saw JOK had returned to his mean “

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