2019 NFL Scouting Combine Results

2019 NFL Scouting Combine Results

March 4, 2019
Rashan Gary (image via 247 Sports)

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Michigan players had a pretty darn good NFL Scouting Combine this past weekend with several of their numbers jumping out.

LB Devin Bush, Jr.: 5’11”, 234 lbs., 32″ arms, 9 5/8″ hands, 4.44 forty, 21 bench press reps (225 lbs.), 10’4″ broad jump, 6.93 three-cone drill, 4.23 20-yard shuttle

DE Rashan Gary: 6’4″, 277 lbs., 34 1/8″ arms, 9 5/8″ hands, 4.58 forty, 26 bench press reps (225 lbs.), 7.26 three-cone drill, 4.29 20-yard shuttle

TE Zach Gentry: 6’8″, 265 lbs., 34 1’8″ arms, 9 1/2″ hands, 4.9 forty, 12 bench press reps (225 lbs.), 29.5″ vertical, 9’2″ broad jump, 7.4 three-cone drill, 4.53 20-yard shuttle, 12.43 60-yard shuttle

RB Karan Higdon: 5’9″, 206 lbs., 30 3/4″ hands, 9 5/8″ hands, 4.49 forty, 21 bench press reps (225 lbs.), 34″ vertical, 10’3″ broad jump

CB David Long, Jr.: 5’11”, 196 lbs., 30 7/8″ arms, 9 5/8″ hands, 15 bench press reps (225 lbs.), 39.5″ vertical, 10′ broad jump, 6.45 three-cone drill, 3.97 20-yard shuttle

DE Chase Winovich: 6’3″, 256 lbs., 32 3/4″ arms, 10″ hands, 4.59 forty, 18 bench press reps (225 lbs.), 30.5″ vertical, 9’8″ broad jump, 6.94 three-cone drill, 4.11 20-yard shuttle

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  1. Lanknows
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    Mar 04, 2019 at 12:47 PM

    Nice to see them doing well. I don’t have a lot of context for what good and bad numbers are raw, so I like to see the percentiles. This website gives pretty cool graphics and also interesting player comps:


    Bush has elite speed and jumping ability and very good agility. The part you already knew is that he is small. Honestly don’t think it matters and expect him to be a starter pretty quickly. For Michigan — a generational talent, impossible to replace.


    The part you already knew is the he is tall. Unfortunately he is not fast or agile or athletic or skilled. Player comps are not encouraging. I don’t think Michigan will miss him in 2019. Hope he plays better than these numbers show in the NFL.


    Gary has elite speed and athleticism and ranks well in just about everything but has tiny hands. Maybe this will serve him well if his team wins a Super Bowl and visits the white house. Which they might, because dude is a Dude.


    Higdon ranks out like he played: pretty good, nothing special. Interestingly, he compares to Mike Weber – so score one for Harbaugh’s eye for talent and character. Appears worth drafting. Michigan will miss him due mostly to Chris Evans messing up but should still be fine.


    Winovich probably made himself a lot of money by absolutely knocking out the 40 and agility drills. White man can’t jump and his strength scores was pitiful. Still, looks like an impact pass rusher which will surprise nobody who watched him at Michigan. Another guy Michigan will struggle to replace though Danna and Uche have been productive.

    Winners: Bush, Gary, Wino, Higdon
    Loser: Gentry
    TBD: Long (not available yet)

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