2019 Under Armour All-American Game

2019 Under Armour All-American Game

January 3, 2019

Mazi Smith (image via 247 Sports)

The 2019 Under Armour All-American Game is being played tonight at 6:00 p.m. EST. The game will be played in Orlando and broadcast on ESPN2.

Michigan commits selected for the game include:

TEAM FLASH (Coached by Steve Mariucci)

  • #40 Anthony Solomon, LB
  • #50 Nolan Rumler, OG
  • #74 Trente Jones, OT

TEAM BALLAHOLICS (Coached by Deion Sanders)

  • #31 Quinten Johnson, DB
  • #36 Mazi Smith, DT

Running back Zach Charbonnet was also selected, but he’s injured and not participating.

Players scheduled to announce their college decisions include:

  • LB Shammond Cooper
  • WR Arjei Henderson
  • DE Tre’Mon Morris-Brash

None of them will be picking Michigan.

Here’s a link to all the players who have participated in the game since its inception in 2008 (LINK).


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    Jan 04, 2019 at 1:28 AM

    Apparently, everyone else here has a life and had better things to do than watch the game. So, since I have nothing better to do I’ll give you a summary of what I saw of the UM kiddos. I hope Thunder at least DVRed it so he can comment as well.

    Rumler: Played the whole game at RG and played decent. Looks like he’s 30 lbs overweight and didn’t move his feet much. However, he never really got beat either. He did force Mazi Smith to stand up and play too high which led to a rushing TD. Seemed to turn his hips well but not much in the way of foot quickness.

    Trente Jones: Didn’t play much but at least looks the part. Played next RT next to Rumler. May have gotten beat by Thibideux on a play, however, he also may have known the qb was getting rid of the ball quickly and let him run past him. Not a lot to go on.

    Anthony Solomon: Was concerned about his measurables but didn’t look out of place, though didn’t look overly fast. He had a 1 big hit on a TE that dropped the ball but nothing spectacular. Also had a solo tackle that was decent. I wish he flew to the ball better. Seemed to drift away from the ballcarrier. I remember Myles Sims doing the same thing last year and thinking he was not aggressive enough to play safety in CFB.

    Mazi Smith: Had 1 tackle that I noticed. Seemed late off the snap but could have been tired. Looks like he’s going to be a load. Didn’t stand out much at all but didn’t get pushed around either.

    Q. Johnson: Played Nickel corner mainly. Not big at all and seems a little thick for CB so probably a safety project. Made 1 nice pass break up and tackle. I did notice that his arms are LOOOONG. Like, abnormally long. Maybe it was the way he wore his jersey (which were hideous).

    Final thoughts: First off, I’m in my early 40’s but I can’t stand the way these kids act on the field. Nothing is team oriented and every bit of my being despises how we keep feeding these young men more ego-juice, (I’ll step down off my soapbox). They actually had thrones setup in the endzones so the players could put on a crown and show us their “look at me” poses with stupid hand gestures (I’ll actually step down now). Whatever, somehow, I still sit through it. I’ll probably sit through the one on Saturday too. The good news is that the UM kids acted alright. Wish Charbonnet would have played. I think he would have been awesome in this game. Only 1 other RB actually looked decent and he’s probably playing baseball anyway.

    • Thunder
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      Jan 04, 2019 at 8:55 AM

      I watched the first half but DVRed the whole thing, so I’ll have to watch the rest of it later. Thanks for the game summary, though.

    • Lanknows
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      Jan 04, 2019 at 1:08 PM

      Thanks for the player summaries.

      Mazi Smith — I hope this kind of thing keeps expectations in check for him. If he’s not standing out against 18 year olds he’s almost surely not going to do well against 20 something men. We’ve seen some extraordinary contributions from freshman like Solomon and Gary in recent years but most DL are not going to come in ready to contribute like they did. Worth remembering the red-shirts and development that happens, even for NFL talents Hurst, Henry, Winovich, Wormley, and Charlton.

      Nobody should be disappointed in Smith (or Hinton) if Carl Meyers is getting snaps ahead of them in 2019, IMO. Whether the current roster is loaded with NFL players or a major need, shouldn’t affect that. But it probably will to some…

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