2020 Season Countdown: #46 Gemon Green

2020 Season Countdown: #46 Gemon Green

July 30, 2020
Gemon Green (image via MGoBlue)

Name: Gemon Green
180 lbs.
High school: 
DeSoto (TX) DeSoto
Redshirt sophomore
Jersey number: 
Last year: 
I ranked Green #43 and said he would be a backup cornerback. (LINK). He made 5 tackles.
TTB Rating:

Green had a momentary uptick in expectations during the pre-season leading up to 2019 when it came out that Ambry Thomas was suffering from an illness. That left Thomas’s availability for the season up in the air, and maybe backup corners like Green were licking their chops at the chance to play. Luckily for Michigan, Thomas made a pretty miraculous recovery to be ready for game one and he stayed healthy throughout the year. Green was limited to special teams as Thomas, Lavert Hill, and Vincent Gray took the vast majority of snaps at corner.

This year Green is in the hot seat. With Hill having graduated, Michigan needs to find a third corner. Green is in his third year on campus and has the most experience of any of the backups, but he hasn’t separated himself from the pack. In fact, word on the street is that D.J. Turner II has been the most impressive of the backup corners. Green needs to stake his claim to playing time here in 2020 or else Gray, Turner, Darion Green-Warren, and/or others might make him irrelevant going into 2021.

Prediction: Backup cornerback


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    Jul 30, 2020 at 1:45 PM

    Year 3 and going backward in the countdown. Something, something Tom Brady …

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      Aug 03, 2020 at 10:45 AM

      At positions like CB and RB where freshman are more likely to contribute it can “get late” early. (e.g., Christian Turner)

      Context is also relevant – are you getting beat out by your classmates? younger players? are they just waiting for standouts to clear out?

      Things don’t look great for Green at this point, but he should get an opportunity.

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    Jul 30, 2020 at 4:58 PM

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          FWIW, I applied to Revcontent and was not approved.

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      I’ve thought about that, too. I haven’t really checked into it. Some people have set up recurring donations via Paypal, too.

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