2021 Season Countdown: #47 Jaylen Harrell

2021 Season Countdown: #47 Jaylen Harrell

July 21, 2021
Jaylen Harrell (image via Twitter)

Name: Jaylen Harrell
235 lbs.
High school:
Tampa (FL) Berkeley Prep
Outside linebacker
Redshirt freshman
Jersey number:
Last year:
I ranked Harrell #73 and said he would be a backup outside linebacker (LINK). He played in four games and made 2 tackles.
TTB Rating:

Pop question: Did Jaylen Harrell get on the field in 2020?

Pop answer: If you don’t know the answer, you didn’t read the info above.

Harrell was a question mark going into 2020. I was not concerned about his athletic ability, but I did wonder if a staff that seemed to really appreciate veterans would put him on the field. As it turns out, the defensive staff didn’t really see a need to put him on the field, but the special teams coaches did.

If you’re playing special teams as a freshman, I think the coaching staff probably sees a bright future. Additionally, I think Harrell brings an element of size and athleticism to the outside linebacker position that not many others on the team possess. There are bigger guys, but they aren’t as quick. Nor can they dip their shoulders and turn the corner like I think Harrell can, or at least will be able to do down the road. He’s probably not developed enough to start, but I would expect defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald to start sprinkling him in as a situational pass rusher in 2021.

Prediction: Backup outside linebacker

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