2022 Season Countdown: #44 Tommy Doman

2022 Season Countdown: #44 Tommy Doman

August 1, 2022
Tommy Doman (image via On3)

Name: Tommy Doman
190 lbs.
High school: 
Orchard Lake (MI) St. Mary’s
Redshirt freshman
Jersey number: 
Last year: 
I ranked Doman #71 and said he would be a backup kicker/punter (LINK). He redshirted.
TTB Rating:

Doman was a backup kicker/punter combo guy in 2021, and he went the entire way through the season without being needed. Kicker Jake Moody stayed healthy and focused, and so did punter Brad Robbins. It seemed like an oddity to be able to get through the season using only those two guys, because before that, Quinn Nordin had been in the mix and both Moody/Nordin played kicker quite a bit the previous couple years. Not only that, but Robbins suffered from back issues earlier in his career.

The Michigan program is probably better for this, but Doman had to be a little disappointed this off-season when both Moody and Robbins chose to exercise their COVID exemption and return for an extra year of eligibility.

I hope the health and consistency remain in place, but Doman should be the primary backup at both spots and going two years in a row without needing a backup to play would be a bit surprising. So here Doman is at #44 because I think he’ll be needed at some point this year.

Prediction: Backup kicker/punter

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