Conelius Jones, ex-Wolverine . . . kind of.

Conelius Jones, ex-Wolverine . . . kind of.

June 28, 2010

Well, it’s kind of a good thing that Rich Rodriguez probably wasn’t going to rely on incoming QB recruit Conelius Jones very much this year, because Jones didn’t get a qualifying score on his SAT.

No matter what anyone says, Rodriguez has been recruiting a higher number of non-qualifying kids than Lloyd Carr was, at least in Carr’s last half-dozen years. This is non-qualifier #3 this year, after Demar Dorsey (who qualified for the NCAA but wasn’t admitted to Michigan) and Antonio Kinard (who will also try to get into Michigan after a year of prep school). To reiterate, it’s rare for a non-qualifier to get into Michigan later. Most of them move on to other schools, like Adrian Witty (Cincinnati) and Quinton Woods (junior college, then Kansas).

For a team that’s been short on scholarship players for the past couple years, this is not a positive trend.

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