Drew Dileo, Wolverine

Drew Dileo, Wolverine

April 30, 2009

Louisiana slot receiver Drew Dileo has committed to the University of Michigan. I wrote a scouting report on Dileo at the end of March, so I won’t rehash what I already said there.

However, in the meantime, Dileo had picked up offers from Stanford, Rice, Tulane, Virginia, and Northwestern.

In regards to the rest of the class, Rich Rodriguez and Co. have to be nearing the end of their wide receiver recruiting. This gives Michigan six potential wide receivers in the class of 2010, which is an astronomical number, especially considering that the class currently should hold only about 19 players. However, Michigan has recently sent out offers to outside wide receivers such as Andrew Carswell and Adrian Coxson, so I wouldn’t bet any considerable amount of money that Michigan is done recruiting WRs.

A quick run-through of the six current commits:

1. Jeremy Jackson – At 6’4″, he’s destined for outside WR . . . or TE. However, he would probably take his talents elsewhere if the coaches put him at TE, so he’s either a WR or gone.

2. Ricardo Miller – At 6’2″ and 205 lbs., I think Miller is headed for outside WR. There’s been some talk that he could move to tight end, but I just don’t see it.

3. Jerald Robinson – He’s 6’2″ and 175 lbs. but could play safety. I honestly think there’s a very good chance he’ll end up on defense . . . or he’ll decommit, much like Dewayne Peace last year.

4. D.J. Williamson – Williamson is 6’1″ and 172 lbs. He could play outside or in the slot. He could potentially add depth at CB, too, but he won’t make an impact there. I think Williamson is the most likely to decommit of the aforementioned group.

5. Tony Drake – Drake is headed for slot or running back. He reminds me of Odoms, which makes me think he’ll be a slot.

6. Drew Dileo – Dileo has good hands and normally I’d say he’s headed for slot receiver. However, with the increasing number of wide receivers in this class, maybe the coaching staff is liking his potential at RB more and more. That’s pure speculation and I doubt its voracity, but it’s possible. I think his biggest contribution will be as a kick/punt returner.


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    Michigan4204 from VB
    Wow Thunder, I thought you had a little knowledge from your posts on Varsity Blue. then I went to your sight. You really don’t know much about football do you. Here’s a much better breakdown for you to study:

    1.Jeremy Jackson- as the 3rd best WR prospect in this class, outside of Ricardo Miller, he is the strongest commit. Most services actually project him to be a tight end due to his lack of top end speed. With his sure hands, and Barwis’ program, he could end up being a great TE.

    2.Ricardo Miller- the best WR commit since Mario Manningham, he will be a stud. No one wants him to move to TE, and he doesn’t want too. Expect him to contribute as a frosh.

    3.Jerald Robinson- 2nd best WR commit, finally something you got right, he can play slot or outside. But no, he will not play defense.

    4.D.J. Williamson- right again, slot or outside. Could play defense, but won’t. Don’t expect a decommit due to the fact he doesn’t have to many high major offers.

    5.Tony Drake- he will be utilized similar to Jeremy Gallon and Teric Jones, at RB and slot. But no, he will not be an Odoms type player, think Percy Harvin with limited skills.

    6.Drew Dileo- got to hand it to you, besides the possible rb comment, you were pretty close here. Scout team and Special Teams specialist.

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    May 04, 2009 at 10:57 PM

    1. So Jeremy Jackson is the third best WR behind Ricardo Miller? And who else? See, usually there are TWO people ahead of whoever’s third… Also, his best friend said Jackson will head elsewhere if the Michigan coaches want him to play TE. So I doubt it. And he’s listed as a WR by Scout and Rivals, so I don’t know what you mean by “most services.”

    2. There are plenty of mentions of Miller moving to TE. Search the internet. I agree that it won’t happen.

    3. Jerald Robinson is way too slow to play in the slot. He’s an outside receiver all the way on offense, and he’s also a safety prospect.

    4. Agreed.

    5. Difference of opinion, whatever.

    6. Agreed.

    In summary: You still don’t know what you’re talking about, but thanks for commenting, anyway.

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    May 05, 2009 at 2:47 PM

    No dumb ass, read again, I said JJ is the strongest WR commit behind Ricardo. Your lack of sports knowlegde is more and more apparent with your every comment. Try to start a website on something people won’t read, like women’s water polo, because all you do is steal stuff off VB and try to claim it as your own. By the way, there are no credible sources that mention Ricardo playing TE, and I still don’t understand why you continue making ish up. No, Jerald is not being recruited as a safety, we are recruiting safties to play safety.

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    May 05, 2009 at 8:52 PM

    Here is a quote from you:

    “as the 3rd best WR prospect in this class, outside of Ricardo Miller, he is the strongest commit.”

    Whether you meant “in this class” as in Michigan’s 2010 class or the entire country’s 2010 class, I have no idea. Either way, YOU need to make that clear. Don’t leave that up to the reader. The ambiguity is not my fault.

    I never said Jerald Robinson is being recruited as a safety. I said he’s a safety prospect, as in he also has the ability to play safety.

    Your reading/writing skills need work.

    Also, I have never stolen a thing from Varsity Blue. They do a good job over there, but it’s nothing like what I do. Your allegations are way off base…

    …but please keep coming here. I appreciate your traffic.

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