Football Camps Offer Instruction

Football Camps Offer Instruction

May 28, 2009

The title of this post is a lie. It’s from a article that’s basically an ad for Michigan’s football camps.

The content of the article states that players who sign up for the camp will be given position-specific instruction, as well as tips on running form, weightlifting, and nutrition. That information might be true, but if you are a kid who’s looking to get better at football – or a parent of a football player – Michigan’s football camp is probably not the best camp to make improvements.

Most BCS schools use “camps” as institutional scouting combines. The best athletes will be given the most attention, while decent high school athletes will be passed over and nudged aside. Which is fine. Schools have to do these things to identify prospects and refine the recruiting process. And despite the lack of instruction, some kids want to go anyway. They want a chance to mingle with the coaches and other top prospects, to get a glimpse at the facilities, to see what big-time football is like. Which is fine.

I’ve never been to Michigan’s camp, but players I’ve associated with have gone. I’ve heard it’s a meat market, but I don’t know firsthand. Michigan’s camp might be different than other BCS schools, but if you really desire individual attention and knowledge about football, go to a D-II or a D-III school. Those coaches are there to teach football.

Don’t get caught up in the hype.

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