Former Michigan Athlete of the Week:  Steve Breaston

Former Michigan Athlete of the Week: Steve Breaston

September 27, 2011

Pickings were slim this week. Brady put up his standard 350+ yards through the air, but he also threw 4 interceptions – which matched his INT total for all of last season – in a loss to the Bills. Henne finished with a respectable 90.4 QB rating, but it was in a losing effort to the Cleveland Browns on a day when he led his offense to only 16 points. So Breaston gets the nod here with his 3 catches for 55 yards. I hear that yards per catch is one of the more flawed statistics, but an 18. 3YPC is as impressive as anything else that I saw on the stat sheet this week. And even though Breaston’s team the Kansas City Chiefs lost by a score of 20-17 against the Chargers, his 14.5 point underdog team hung a lot tougher than most thought that would after getting shellacked by the Lions in week 2. Still, I hope Breaston’s numbers are a bit more impressive the next time he wins this prestigious award.

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