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      I was curious to get some additional knowledge on drug testing in College Football. After seeing the team post their before and after pics I immediately thought “God I hope that is natural…” Not very confident that it is. It was also brought up publicly by Jack DelRio I think.

      How often are players tested?
      Are they tested by the school or an independent body?
      How are positive tests addressed?

      I am always very surprised how few college players are suspended for steroids/HGH, it is kind of baffling really. I just assume it is not taken seriously and/or encouraged with a pretend naive head turn.

      I know a fellow that used to play in the NFL, he took HGH and steroids for his entire college and NFL career, he never failed a test. I know even high school kids take steroids to be good at high school sports. But lets face it, people in recreational sports also take performance enhancing drugs.

      Would be keen other your thoughts Thunder. You are a coach, I am sure you have had to deal with this in the past. How big of an issue is it and how does it translate to college?

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