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      I can’t deal with it anymore more; its football volcano venting time. Like the ones in Hawaii tho – shield volcanos that let the stuff oooz out uncontrolled but in a relatively peaceful manner – geologically speaking vs the andesitic volcano types that just glue up containning so much pressure that when they blow they take half the world with them – kinda like the countries in europe; ya. Know that caused WW1 & WW2………….

      So this has bothered me about the game of Football for so effing long:
      that when the team possessing the football runs a play and they fumble the ball – either of their own incompetence or because of a great defensive response; and when the ball finds its way out of bounds before anyone recovers it…….

      WHY is it given back to the Offense? What did they do to warrant a reward of a possession? They had control of the damn ball in the first place; they thru their own incompetence or because of a great defensive response Lost possession; then the ball goes out of bounds before the Offense Team can correct their ‘stupidity’ and now ‘by rule” said Offense is then rewarded by being able to maintain possession of the ball?

      This is immoral ; a rule of immorality and a rule that is long past due of being changed.

      ……..and there is some precedence for this. For example, if the offense fumbles the ball in the field of play and said ball travels into the defenses end zone and then goes out of bounds, it is declared a touchback; possession is given to the defensive team and spotted at their 20 (25?) yard line. (The Offense is not rewarded with a fuking Touchdown)

      Also, if the same offensive team fumbles said ball in the field of play and the ball travels into the offense’s end zone and then out of bounds; a safety is declared and the defense is awarded 2 points due to Offense incompetence or a great play by the defense.

      Why should the out of bounds line in the field of play be any different; especially since , in the field of play, the out of bounds line – sidelines- are essentially a defensive player anyway; therefore the ‘defense’ has in fact ‘recovered said fumble; therefore give possession of the ball to the defense.

      To summarize: If the offense fumbles the ball out of bounds; the defense should be given possession.

      Long past due for a rule change.
      As I See It………INTJohn

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      Since today is the D-Day anniversary I’m going to get the Military Academies football strategy off my chest. I thought about it on Memeorial Day weekend but that holiday has more specific meaning to me personally so I didn’t post anything then AND I’ll admit Veteran’s Day on Nov. 11 would be even more appropriate but it falls towards the end of football season in general and being fans we’re all focused on game day events at that time so……

      Since its off season…….Now.

      Has anyone ever thought about WHY all three of the Military academies employ the Triple Option Offense? None of them deviate from it.

      Oh yeah there’s all of the football perspectives about smaller guys; not having talented enough players to compete, etc, etc, blah blah blah but the REAL reason is way more complex, psychologically and a very deep purpose from a traininning & educational perspective.

      The US Military operates under Mission ACComplished Results perspective and this involves an Offense that implements a 3 pronged attack: Air, Land & Sea – Air Force, Army & Navy.

      This is the Academy wide basic educational Philosophy. to teach these future officers – whether they play football or not – they are all taught to understand that the defense of the US is to be conducted with an Offensive capability that involves choices of all 3 options but from a Joint Service Attack perspective.

      This philosophy is not new but was first designed and implemented when I was in the military when Nuclear War was a real possibility and a Nuclear offense was designed as a 3 pronged spear:
      Nuclear armed Submarines
      Nuclear armed Bombers
      Nuclear armed ground based Missles.

      While nuclear war is now – thank goodness – no longer such an immediate threat to our culture & society & people the philosophy of the Triple option attack involving the best that all of the 3 service academies can offer can be coordinated by teaching these young officers to think this way in all of the professional thinking.

      So when you see Michigan play Army this fall and no doubt kick the Black Nioghts ass’s keep in mind that these young officers are doing musc much more than playing footbal. they’re being taught to think in terms of the Triple Option Attack not on a football field but in the overall health & well being of our culture, Society & people for us to live & breathe the great lives we have an opportunity to enjoy.

      Appreciate their style……….INTJohn

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      The dichotomy of University of Michigan Wolverines:

      Wolverine vs The Team!, The Team!, The Team!

      I’ve always found it interesting that Bo’s The Team…. is so ingrained in Michigan athletics in general & Football in particular, revered maybe worshipped?

      ………and the animal itself in reality , ya know a REAL Wolverine is one of the most SOLITARY, Independent self sufficient ‘there is no Team in I” creatures – at least of mammalian species – on the entire planet.

      There is absolutely NOTHING about this animal that exudes Team…..! Rather the EXACT OPPOSITE!
      A solitary roamer, independent, self sufficiently autonomous of the most remote and inhospitable wilderness areas of Earth they can’t even stand themselves! They are so in tune with the Karma of their own Reality- Team & Civilization are not at all a part of their DNA.

      …….and Michigan has tried to take the reality of such a strong & healthy animal and turn it into a brainwashed, domesticated & trained metaphoric mascot to live by Team oriented concepts & Rules on a man-made geometric configured (grid iron) geography, while playing this metaphor of Life with a ball? Maybe human inventions of a cultural proportion like Football Games are actually the Root of all Evil or maybe the game needs a little wilderness?

      I always laugh at this………INTJohn

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      Reasonable Expectations for Michigan Football……

      Reasonable: “having sound judgement; fair and sensible”
      Expectations: “belief that something will happen/occur in the future; that someone will or should achieve something.”

      What then should be reasonable expectations of Michigan Fans regarding the achievement(s) of Michigan Football?

      Some in the Michigan Fanbase expect nothing less than National Championships. But is this reasonable? I don’t think so. Given that Michigan has been awarded but 1 National Championship in the last 70 years (and that championship came about unexpectedly) it makes no sense what so ever for any Michigan fan to expect any Michigan Football team to ever win a National championship and any Wolverine fan who expects this, is being unreasonable if not outright delusional…….

      What about an FBS Playoff appearance(s)? Again this is not something that any reasonable Michigan fan should expect to happen. I mean, geee if does, great! But don’t ever expect it or think it should be a goal. The last 2 Fbs playoff lineups didn’t even include any Big 10 team and the last 3 did not include the Big 10 Champion and the last 2 Big 10 teams to play in the playoffs were so soundly destroyed by the competition as to render the Big 10 Conference as little more than just barely above a Group of 5 conference champion……..

      What then are reasonable expectations – if any – for Michigan Football?
      East Division Chasmpionships? Sure its reasonable for fans to expect the Wolverines to win this division at least 3 times in every decade, anymore than that? Probably not.
      I think its reasonable for Michigan fans to expect Big 10 Champioships maybe again 30% of the time. Given Michigan’s football history & tradition, 3 times in any decade is to be expected. If this isn’t happening then there’s a problem somewhere in the Football program. Given the state of the Big 10 West, if Michigan wins the East, they should be the favorite and expected to win the Championship game.

      What are reasonable expectations within the division?
      Michigan’s last 70 year record vs its principle competition: The MOPs – Msu, Osu, Psu is 80 – 78 -4 a winning % below .500……..
      40% winning percentage vs OSU
      54% winning percentage vs Msu
      64% winning percentage vs Psu
      Reasonable Expectations today then are at best to beat OSU 1 out of 3 times; to beat MSU 3 out of 5 times and PSU probably about the same 3 out of 5 times. And of course one must expect a twice a decade hiccup agaisnt the likes of Maryland or Indiana.

      Overtime then, Michigan should be expected to break about even against the MOPs and IF Michigan wins against all 3 in ’19 the Wolverine record under Harbaugh against the Mops will be 8-7 approximating Michigan’s long term average……

      For ’19 then, given Michigan’s present state, talent, schedule, and the state of the MOPs it is my expectation(reasonable or not) that the Wolverines go thru the Big 10 undefeated, win the Big 10 East & Big 10 Championship.
      FBS Playoff appearance?? Ahhhh No……..
      As I See It……….INTJohn

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      Soooo……I bin thinkin’
      Is the 2019 football season ‘crunch time’ for not only Harbaugh but also for Warde?

      Harbaugh’s contract is up after the 2021 season; 2 and a half years from now; and I’m wonderring at which point in time Manuel either extends this or gives Harbaugh a new one or lets it simply expire and Michigan & Harbaugh part ways?

      Difficult for Warde to give Harbaugh a new one If after 5 or 6 years (maybe by year 7?) he hasn’t won any kind of championship coupled with Harbaugh’s dismal record against the Buckeyes.

      Also, Warde doesn’t at all, I wouldn’t think, want to be ‘that guy’ who basically has to ‘fire’ Harbaugh by simply letting his current contract run out.

      Let me get this on the record – Harbaugh has been very good for Michigan. This cannot be denied:
      In terms of National PR, Fan interest, recruiting, $$$ flowing into the AD and profits funneled to the University, etc BUT! if this guy can’t produce results on the field at some point Michigan WILL have to move on forcing Warde to make a very hard & tough decision that no one realy wants.

      At what point does this time arrive? what events will have to take place?

      Harbaugh’s predecessor, Hoke, was done in by a declining failure of on field results followed by fan apathy by not attending home games (an emptying Big House) and an ensuing lack of interest by potential recruits…….. this all lead as well to a declining positive image of the University of Michigan, in general.

      The 2019 season is, I’m thinking, extremely pivotal for Warde Manuel and Michigan Football. Warde absolutely needs Harbaugh to have a successful season this fall meaning either beating OSU or winning the Big Ten East or both in ordered to justify giving/extending a new Harbaugh contract.

      Without this on field success Warde simply cannot justify it and yet without it, it may be the beginning of not only Fan Apathy but also a negative effect on future recruiting IF these potential recruits begin to sense that Harbaugh won’t be there…….. The very things that lead to Hoke’s removal.

      The 2019 Michigan Football season, then, is at a historical crossroad. If successful the Harbaugh era most certainly will continue; but if not it may be the beginning of its end.

      As I See It………….INTJohn

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