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      1. Cole – Very good player, critical position, injury would be devastating
      2. Speight – season rides on his ability to handle pressure and stay healthy.
      3. Hurst – essentially backed by freshman
      4. Gary
      5. Kinnel
      6. McCray – vet backed by a freshman or walk-on
      7. Mone – worrying spring doesn’t change how talented and important he is
      8. Bredeson – only second sure starter on weak OL unit
      9. Evans – maybe a star. The only back who looks like he can make his own yards.
      10. Winovich – everyone would be talking about him if it wasn’t for Gary

      11. Bush – The less proven version of McCray
      12. Bunting – TE so important, but Wheatley is an option.
      13. Kugler – If he stabilizes OC it helps the rest of the OL so much.
      14. Metellus – Young guy Michigan really needs to step up. This goes for 14-20
      15. Onwenu
      16. Hudson
      17. L. Hill
      18. Long
      19. Nordin

      20. Crawford
      21. Bushell-Beatty – penciled in as starter but OL jumbled from 4-7
      22. K.Hill – Very good player but FB has a backup and can be schemed out of relevance
      23. Wheatley
      24. Watson – Can make a strong case even this is low for vet DB.
      25. Glasgow – might be top backup for 3 starters
      26. Runyan – might be top backup for 4 or 5 starters
      27. McDoom – demonstrated playmaker but WR skills are speculative
      28. Perry – security blanket?
      29. Dwumfour

      30. Kemp
      31. Robbins
      32. Higdon – Likely to get a lot of carries as 1b RB but hasn’t separated from Isaac yet.
      33. Poggi
      34. Peters – backup QB is most popular guy on campus, especially when he’s “the next Andrew Luck” but step 1 is passing O’Korn. His “emergence” drops Speight off the #1 spot but no further until he proves he’s better than Shane Morris – the guy who was in a “legitimate” competition with Speight one year ago.
      35. Ruiz – they probably need him to be the backup OC

      Notable Omissions:

      People-Jones, Black, Solomon, Vilain, Anthony and all the other freshman DL, WR, and LB. These are loaded recruiting classes (in quality and quantity). I don’t doubt there will be impact players at each position group, I just can’t justify putting any one of them significantly above the others. I’ll admit temptation to put Tarik Black on the list based on the spring, but then I remember who he was covering him.

      Could add freshman DB here also but there it seems more likely the vets can handle it.

      Washington – He could start. He could also sit on the bench. Same goes for St.Juste just with a dash more spring hype.

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