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      Speight has won the QB battle and is the starter. O’Korn has won the backup position. Peters is fading. Dylan McCaffery would play in front of Peters if not for a redshirt.

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      So, if that’s the true about Peters, was it a screw up of epic proportions to blow the first (and critical QB) of the Harbaugh era?

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      Any insight as to why he has fallen so far? Has his play fallen off that far since the spring game or is this still a result of the lack of leadership talk? Thanks!!

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      No, it wouldn’t be. This is why you take a solid QB prospect every recruiting cycle.

      Speight has another year after this one. McCaffrey would thus have until his RS SO year to get ready.

      QBs don’t work out sometimes. If it’s a given that not every 4-star OT or CB is going to turn into a Big Ten-caliber starter, why should it be different for QBs? The key is to have numbers and not put yourself in the position U-M was in with Morris.

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      Agree that the position group isn’t a dire situation like it was, but now you’re waiting until year 4 (or 5) to have your own guy at the most important spot on the field… No Coach would consider that ideal

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        The year that a Harbaugh recruited QB takes over depends on Speight more than anything else. It’s still 2019 probably.

        McCaffrey passing Peters for now doesn’t change that. Speights being a Heisman finalist would.

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      So, if Michigan wins a national championship with Speight as QB, Harbaugh will be unhappy?

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      I don’t think anyone, anywhere has ever said (or even implied) that

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      Before anybody starts overreacting (again) to Peters they should consider the situation fluid, just like it was when O’Korn was supposedly the best QB on the roster in 2015 or when Peters was the best QB on the roster a few months ago.

      The McCaffrey/Peters debate is mostly academic until Fall 2019 unless something happens to Speight.

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      I don’t believe for one second that McCaffrey is ahead of Peters. It’s a hypothetical dog house for Peters to motivate him. He is clearly missing something that the coaching staff values whether self discipline or leadership or even knows the playbook. How many plays do you think McCaffrey could actually call at the line of scrimmage? 8?

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      One of my best friends coached Peters in high school basketball. His biggest concern about Peters going to Michigan, other than him not picking NDSucks, is that Peters did not handle criticism and being yelled at very well. Obviously that can change with getting older and more mature, but it could be the reason he slipped.

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      No matter how you slice it…real or dog house this is not good. The supposed “best arm” dropping to 4th string isn’t a great situation. I will wait to see how this plays out though

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