Highlights: Michigan 28, San Diego State 7

Highlights: Michigan 28, San Diego State 7

September 25, 2011

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    Sep 25, 2011 at 6:56 PM

    Robinson does not look slow once he has an open lane. The first QB option is a big example of this. Once Robinson saw his daylight, he just jetted into the end zone. On all the other runs shown in the highlights, he was caught because he was slowing down to make a cut or let some downfield blocking develop. He will get caught like this more and more, because it's clear he is the biggest weapon. Now that Vincent is starting to be dangerous as the second choice, I think some things will start to open up. On Denard's inaccuracy, it seems like it comes and goes, except for deep arcs downfield. He may never develop that capability in the next two seasons. But his decision making on the routes is something he just started working on this year. And I don't think he's that bad compared to Henne's first year, and considering that Henne practiced to be a throwing arm all his life. Again from the highlights, the screen pass to Vincent was spot on, the seam routes to Dileo are clearly within his grasp, and the throws to the tight end also. But I don't think he's had enough experience in checkdowns through routes yet to really be making the decisions correctly. He's still just throwing it like there are no defenders. I think he doesn't yet have the speed to do that well at game time. But once it clicks, big things are going to happen.

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