I just wanna dance!

I just wanna dance!

January 1, 2009

If you want inside info, here it is. This is what happens when Army All-Americans get together:

William Campbell was just about the only East team member willing to get out there and dance. I like that. He’s not afraid of competition. Where was Anthony Lalota, though? We should all know by now that when you’re looking for a good dancer, you should never overlook the 6’6″, 260 lb. white guy.

Also, there was this:

Campbell looked pretty agile and showed pretty good hands…for a 6’4″, 315 lb. defensive tackle. He definitely looked more athletic than fellow DT Chris Davenport. I guess that’s why Campbell is #25 on the Rivals 100 and Davenport is a lowly #26.

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