If I Had My Druthers . . . Offensive Linemen

If I Had My Druthers . . . Offensive Linemen

January 4, 2011
Scottsdale, AZ offensive lineman Cyrus Hobbi

Here’s a breakdown of my wish list for offensive linemen in the 2011 recruiting class.  It disregards how likely each player is to commit to Michigan (for example, #1 Cyrus Hobbi is a severe longshot to come to Ann Arbor).  I favored players with the ability to play tackle because Michigan needs tackle prospects more than guards or centers.

Just to stem any questions, I have been asked in the past to rank each offered player.  However, Michigan has offered 31 offensive linemen in this recruiting cycle, and I don’t intend to analyze/rank that many kids.  Sorry.

On to the list:

1. Cyrus Hobbi – Guard/Tackle – Scottsdale, AZ
Hobbi has great feet but he’s excellent with his hands.  His initial punch is stellar, and he does a good job of getting extension with his arms, which prevents defenders from getting their hands on him.  He reminds me of Patrick Omameh.

2. Chris Bryant – Guard/Tackle – Chicago, IL
Bryant is thickly built, has good feet, and looks like a demoralizing blocker.  He would be an ideal guard, but has the length and athleticism to play tackle at the next level, as well.

3. Aundrey Walker – Tackle – Cleveland, OH
Walker is about 350 pounds and an absolute mauler. He has surprisingly nimble feet for someone his size, but doesn’t necessarily fit the mold of a zone-blocking tackle. Some of that bulk would have to be sacrificed to play at Michigan, and I’m not sure if that’s in Walker’s future.

4. Josue Matias – Tackle – Union City, NJ
Matias has a thinner frame than Walker, but he’s not as good of an athlete.  He doesn’t move his feet very well laterally and lets defenders slide off his blocks at times.

5. Errin Joe – Guard – Lakeland, FL
Joe is a bit more lumbering than the tackle prospects, and at only 6’4″, he’s more of a guard.  He does stay on his blocks well, but he’s not an extremely aggressive blocker.

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