Michigan Wins or Malaria Loses

Michigan Wins or Malaria Loses

November 14, 2009

Several years ago, I started donating $10 to Nothing but Nets for my friends’ birthdays. If a friend had a birthday, somebody in Africa got a mosquito net. As I’ve grown older and busier with my life, I’ve been doing a worse job of keeping track of birthdays.

I have a weird feeling that Michigan is going to beat Wisconsin tomorrow. Wisconsin is on a roll at 7-2 and Michigan is on a slide at 5-5, but I just have a feeling. And maybe my feeling is wrong, but either way, something good is going to happen.

If Michigan loses tomorrow, I’ll donate $50 to Nothing but Nets. If Wisconsin loses, well . . . I’ll still donate $10. I encourage any of you to donate if you’re feeling generous.

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