Michigan’s 10 Longest Plays vs. Wisconsin

Michigan’s 10 Longest Plays vs. Wisconsin

January 13, 2021

Here’s a walk down memory lane to check out the ten longest plays Michigan players have made against Wisconsin over the years:

  1. Seth Smith 100-yard kickoff return TD (1994)
  2. Ryan Mallett 97-yard TD pass to Mario Manningham (2007)
  3. Butch Woolfolk 92-yard TD run (1979)
  4. Butch Woolfolk 89-yard TD run (1981)
  5. Tony Boles 81-yard TD run (1988)
  6. Shea Patterson 81-yard run (2018)
  7. B.J. Dickey 74-yard TD run (1977)
  8. John Wangler 71-yard TD pass to Doug Marsh (1979)
  9. Shea Patterson 68-yard pass to Ronnie Bell (2019)
  10. Rick Leach 65-yard TD pass to Ralph Clayton (1978)

Hit the jump for some highlights.

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