More golf, less dinner

More golf, less dinner

May 19, 2009

This past weekend, the Michigan Wolverines celebrated their 130th year of football with a reunion. That event also coincided with the Brian Griese-Steve Hutchinson “Champions for Children’s Hearts” golf tournament, which raised $650,000 for Mott Children’s Hospital.

Former players in attendance were Griese, Hutchinson, Jake Long, Mike Hart, Adam Kraus, Chad Henne, Charles Woodson, Elvis Grbac, Steve Everitt, Glen Steele, Corwin Brown, Marcus Ray, Ronald Bellamy, Anthony Thomas, Tyrone Wheatley, and Jon Runyan, among others.

The most interesting one to me was Glen Steele, whose picture you can see above. Steele finished his Michigan career second on the career sacks list (24) with 45 overall tackles for loss. He then spent several years with the Cincinnati Bengals before retiring. I guess this is what happens when linemen retire; their metabolism slows down and they begin to look like bounty hunters.
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