Site News: It’s that time of year again

Site News: It’s that time of year again

February 8, 2019

This is that time of year once again where I appeal to your sensibilities for cold, hard cash. Once again my yearly Flywheel bill has come to pass, and that $1,300 charge has been made to my credit card that keeps the servers running for Touch the Banner.

So if you are willing and able to send a few dollars my way via Paypal, that would be greatly appreciated. For a reference point, I made $350.17 from AdSense during the month of January, so that $1,300 generally eats up about two to four months of blog income.

There are other ways you can support the blog. One is by turning off your AdBlocker, at least for this site, and clicking on those ads whenever you see something that interests you. Another is to use the Amazon affiliate ads here at the site to make your purchases, for which I generally get a 4% to 8% cut.

Thanks for visiting the site, and for anything you can do to keep it financially viable.


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  1. Thunder
    Comments: 3018
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    Feb 08, 2019 at 9:00 AM

    Thanks to the two guys who have donated a total of $125 so far this morning!

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