Site News: Visit tomorrow for news

Site News: Visit tomorrow for news

December 15, 2020

SHORT STORY: Since news and updates will be coming in a flurry tomorrow, December 16 (National Signing Day), I will only be posting updates at That’s the only place you can comment right now, anyway, and I want to have a place for discussion. I will post about when National Letters of Intent have been sent in, what Michigan offerees have committed elsewhere, etc.

LONG STORY: WordPress recently updated to a new version, and the new version is no longer compatible with my theme. That’s why comments have been disabled – not by me, but by The Borg. I have been told that I need to re-theme (basically rebuild) the website, which costs a lot of money (the quote was $3,400). I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but we’re in a pandemic. And I don’t have that much money just to throw at this project when ad revenue is so low.

So that’s why we’re in a holding pattern with comments, and that’s why I have to post everything twice – here and over on On the plus side, I guess it’s a good thing that I kept the Blogspot site up, because it has come in handy a couple times when WordPress has been dumb.

Sorry you’re being jerked around from site to site. This is a major pain in the ass for me and has been the source of a lot of stress and consternation over the past several weeks.


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