Premature 2014 Depth Chart

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3Dec 2013
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Premature 2014 Depth Chart

I’m doing this more because I was asked than because I want to do it on December 3rd, but this is always a fun exercise, I guess. I am including class of 2014 commits and a few roster players who may not return next year. No walk-ons are included who haven’t already seen significant playing time, so the random guys who pop into the lineup like Ryan Glasgow and Jordan Kovacs are going to naturally be surprises.

 Devin Gardner (5th), Shane Morris (So.), Russell Bellomy (RS Jr.), Wilton Speight (Fr.)*
RB: Derrick Green (So.), DeVeon Smith (So.), Drake Johnson (RS So.), Thomas Rawls (Sr.)
FB: Joe Kerridge (RS Jr.), Sione Houma (Jr.), Wyatt Shallman (RS Fr.)
WR: Devin Funchess (Jr.), Jehu Chesson (RS So.), Freddy Canteen (Fr), Jaron Dukes (RS Fr.)
WR: Amara Darboh (RS So.), Csont’e York (RS Fr.), Drake Harris (Fr.)*, Maurice Ways (Fr.)*
SR: Da’Mario Jones (So.), Justice Hayes (RS Jr.), Dennis Norfleet (Jr.)
TE: Jake Butt (So.), A.J. Williams (Jr.), Jordan Paskorz (5th), Khalid Hill (RS Fr.), Ian Bunting (Fr.)*
LT: Erik Magnuson (RS So.), Logan Tuley-Tillman (RS Fr.), Juwan Bushell-Beatty (Fr.)*
LG: Kyle Bosch (So.), Chris Bryant (RS Jr.), David Dawson (RS Fr.), Mason Cole (Fr.)*
C: Graham Glasgow (RS Jr.), Patrick Kugler (RS Fr.), Jack Miller (RS Jr.)
RG: Kyle Kalis (RS So.), Joe Burzynski (5th), Blake Bars (RS So.), Dan Samuelson (RS Fr.)
RT: Ben Braden (RS So.), Chris Fox (RS Fr.)

SDE: Chris Wormley (RS So.), Keith Heitzman (RS Jr.), Matt Godin (RS So.)
NT: Ondre Pipkins (Jr.), Richard Ash (5th), Maurice Hurst, Jr. (RS Fr.), Brady Pallante (Fr.)*
DT: Willie Henry (RS So.), Bryan Mone (Fr.), Ryan Glasgow (RS So.), Henry Poggi (RS Fr.), Tom Strobel (RS So.)
WDE: Frank Clark (Sr.), Taco Charlton (So.), Mario Ojemudia (Jr.), Lawrence Marshall (Fr.)*
SAM: Jake Ryan (5th), Brennen Beyer (Sr.), Allen Gant (RS So.), Noah Furbush (Fr.)*, Chase Winovich (Fr.)
MIKE: Desmond Morgan (Sr.), Joe Bolden (Jr.), Mike McCray (RS Fr.), Michael Ferns (Fr.)*
WILL: James Ross III (Jr.), Ben Gedeon (So.), Royce Jenkins-Stone (Jr.), Jared Wangler (Fr.)*
CB: Raymon Taylor (Sr.), Channing Stribling (So.), Delonte Hollowell (Sr.), Reon Dawson (RS Fr.), Brandon Watson (Fr.)
CB: Blake Countess (RS Jr.), Jourdan Lewis (So.), Ross Douglas (RS Fr.), Terry Richardson (RS So.)
NB: Jabrill Peppers (Fr.)
FS: Jarrod Wilson (Jr.), Jeremy Clark (RS So.)
SS: Dymonte Thomas (So.), Josh Furman (5th), Delano Hill (So.)

 Matt Wile (Sr.)
P: Will Hagerup (5th)
KR: Dennis Norfleet (Jr.), Jehu Chesson (RS So.)
PR: Jabrill Peppers (Fr.)
LS: Scott Sypniewski (RS Fr.)

* Denotes players I expect to redshirt at this time.
– Slot receiver is not counted as a starting position, and the only guys listed are the guys I expect to be limited to slot receiver. For example, Dennis Norfleet could get lots of snaps in the slot, but he won’t play flanker.
– The nickel position is counted as the guy I would expect to come in as the fifth defensive back. Whether he lines up in the slot or whether Countess moves into the slot, it doesn’t really matter.

26Aug 2013
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Depth chart for Michigan vs. Central Michigan

I won’t post these every week, but I thought it was important for week one. Here’s the depth chart. Feel free to discuss in the comments.

QB: Gardner, Morris, Cleary
RB: Toussaint, Johnson, Hayes, Rawls, Green/Smith
FB: Kerridge, Houma, Shallman
WR: Gallon, Reynolds
WR: Jackson/Chesson
TE: Funchess, Williams, Butt, Hill, Paskorz
LT: Lewan, Braden
LG: G. Glasgow, Bryant, Burzynski
C: Miller, Burzynski
RG: Kalis, Burzynski, Bars
RT: Schofield, Magnuson, Gunderson
SLOT: Dileo, Norfleet

DE: Heitzman, Godin/Wormley
NT: Washington, Pipkins, Ash
DT: Black, R. Glasgow, Henry
DE: Clark, Ojemudia, Charlton
SLB: C. Gordon/Beyer, Ryan
MLB: Morgan, Bolden, McCray
WLB: Ross, Jenkins-Stone, Gedeon
LCB: Taylor, Hollowell/Lewis
RCB: Countess, Stribling
SS: T. Gordon, Furman, Thomas, Hill
FS: Wilson, Clark, Avery

PK: Gibbons, Wile
KO: Wile
P: Wile, Allen
PR: Norfleet, Dileo
KR: Norfleet, Dileo, Chesson
H: Dileo, Allen
LS: Glanda

10Jan 2013
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Premature 2013 Depth Chart

I don’t think Devin Gardner will be playing wide receiver next season

QB: Devin Gardner (Sr.), Russell Bellomy (RS So.), Shane Morris (Fr.)*
RB: Fitzgerald Toussaint (RS Sr.), Thomas Rawls (Jr.), Drake Johnson (RS Fr.), DeVeon Smith (Fr.)*, Justice Hayes (RS So.)
FB: Joey Kerridge (RS So.), Sione Houma (So.), Wyatt Shallman (Fr.)*
WR: Jeremy Gallon (RS Sr.), Drew Dileo (Sr.), Jehu Chesson (RS Fr.), Da’Mario Jones (Fr.)*
WR: Amara Darboh (So.), Jeremy Jackson (Sr.), Jaron Dukes (Fr.), Csont’e York (Fr.)*
TE: Devin Funchess (So.), A.J. Williams (So.), Jake Butt (Fr.), Khalid Hill (Fr.), Jordan Paskorz (RS Jr.)
LT: Taylor Lewan (RS Sr.), Erik Magnuson (RS Fr.), Logan Tuley-Tillman (Fr.)*
LG: Kyle Kalis (RS Fr.), Blake Bars (RS Fr.), Kyle Bosch (Fr.)*
C: Jack Miller (RS So.), Joey Burzynski (RS Jr.), Graham Glasgow (RS So.), Patrick Kugler (Fr.)*
RG: Chris Bryant (RS So.), David Dawson (Fr.)*
RT: Michael Schofield (RS Sr.), Ben Braden (RS Fr.), Chris Fox (Fr.)*

SDE: Keith Heitzman (RS So.), Chris Wormley (RS Fr.), Tom Strobel (RS Fr.)
NT: Ondre Pipkins (So.), Richard Ash (RS Jr.), Willie Henry (RS Fr.), Maurice Hurst, Jr. (Fr.)*
DT: Quinton Washington (RS Sr.), Jibreel Black (Sr.), Matt Godin (RS Fr.), Ken Wilkins (RS Jr.), Henry Poggi (Fr.)*
WDE: Frank Clark (Jr.), Brennen Beyer (Jr.), Mario Ojemudia (So.), Taco Charlton (Fr.)
SAM: Jake Ryan (RS Jr.), Cam Gordon (RS Sr.), Mike McCray II (Fr.)*
MIKE: Desmond Morgan (Jr.), Joe Bolden (So.), Mike Jones (RS Sr.), Royce Jenkins-Stone (So.), Kaleb Ringer (RS Fr.)
WILL: James Ross (So.), Antonio Poole (RS So.), Ben Gedeon (Fr.)
BC: Raymon Taylor (Jr.), Delano Hill (Fr.), Channing Stribling (Fr.)*
FC: Blake Countess (RS So.), Terry Richardson (So.), Jourdan Lewis (Fr.), Dennis Norfleet (So.)
FS: Jarrod Wilson (So.), Josh Furman (RS Jr.), Jeremy Clark (RS Fr.)
SS: Thomas Gordon (RS Sr.), Marvin Robinson (Sr.), Dymonte Thomas (Fr.), Allen Gant (RS Fr.)
#SC: Courtney Avery (Sr.), Delonte Hollowell (Jr.), Ross Douglas (Fr.)*

P: Matt Wile (Jr.)
K: Brendan Gibbons (RS Sr.)

*Expected to redshirt
#Slot Corner, which is not quite a starting position

4Feb 2012
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2012 Depth Chart: Early Projections

Everyone has his own ideas about what Michigan will look like on the field in 2013, but here’s a best-guess scenario for the fall.  My projections probably won’t remain the same throughout the offseason, and they certainly won’t jive with many fans’ expectations . . . but here you go, anyway.

QB: Denard Robinson (Sr.), Devin Gardner (Jr.), Russell Bellomy (RS Fr.)
RB: Fitzgerald Toussaint (RS Jr.), Vincent Smith (Sr.), Thomas Rawls (So.)
FB: Stephen Hopkins (Jr.), Joe Kerridge (RS Fr.)
WR: Roy Roundtree (5th), Jerald Robinson (RS So.), Amara Darboh (Fr.)
WR: Jeremy Gallon (RS Jr.), Jeremy Jackson (Jr.), Drew Dileo (Jr.)
TE: Brandon Moore (5th), A.J. Williams (Fr.), Mike Kwiatkowski (5th)
LT: Taylor Lewan (RS Jr.), Schofield
LG: Ricky Barnum (5th), Chris Bryant (RS Fr.)
C: Rocko Khoury (5th), Jack Miller (RS Fr.)
RG: Patrick Omameh (5th), Kyle Kalis (Fr.)
RT: Michael Schofield (RS Jr.), Elliott Mealer (5th)

SDE: Jibreel Black (Jr.), Nathan Brink (RS So.)
NT: William Campbell (Sr.), Ondre Pipkins (Fr.), Richard Ash (RS So.)
DT: Quinton Washington (RS Jr.), Matt Godin (Fr.)
WDE: Craig Roh (Sr.), Frank Clark (So.), Brennen Beyer (So.)
SAM: Jake Ryan (RS So.), Cam Gordon (RS Jr.)
MIKE: Kenny Demens (5th), Mike Jones (Sr.), Joe Bolden (Fr.)
WILL: Desmond Morgan (So.), James Ross (Fr.), Brandin Hawthorne (Sr.)
CB: J.T. Floyd (5th), Courtney Avery (Jr.), Delonte Hollowell (So.)
CB: Blake Countess (So.), Raymon Taylor (So.)
FS: Thomas Gordon (RS Jr.), Marvin Robinson (Jr.)
SS: Jordan Kovacs (5th), Josh Furman (RS So.)

*Players left off the depth chart are either buried too deep to irrelevant or will likely redshirt.

31Aug 2011
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Thoughts on the Initial Depth Chart

Surprise, he’s starting at quarterback.

The initial depth chart was released for Michigan’s game against Western Michigan.  Here’s the depth chart and a few thoughts:

QB: Denard Robinson, Devin Gardner

TB: Michael Shaw OR Fitzgerald Toussaint, Vincent Smith, Stephen Hopkins
Shaw is going to be good if he stays healthy.  Just wait.  Lots of people think he was a better fit for the spread just because he was recruited by Rich Rodriguez, but he was actually a poor fit for the spread because he doesn’t have great vision.  He’s a one-cut-and-go back.  This is the offense in which he belongs.  Toussaint’s another kid with great potential and lots of injuries.  If he stays healthy, this is a nice one-two punch.  Smith will be a good third down back.

FB: John McColgan, Steve Watson
There’s, like, no one else.

WR1: Junior Hemingway, Kelvin Grady, Jeremy Jackson
WR2: Roy Roundtree, Jeremy Gallon, Martavious Odoms

I’m a little surprised that Odoms is third on the depth chart, but his shoulder and wrist injuries probably have something to do with it.  I’m expecting Gallon to bust out, so hopefully that does indeed happen.

TE: Kevin Koger, Brandon Moore, Steve Watson

LT: Taylor Lewan, Michael Schofield
LG: Ricky Barnum, Elliott Mealer
C: David Molk, Rocko Khoury
RG: Patrick Omameh, Elliott Mealer
RT: Mark Huyge, Michael Schofield
Exactly as expected, although Mealer’s a bit of a surprise there.  My gut tells me that Khoury would replace either guard if there were an injury at either spot and Molk were still healthy.

5-TECH: Will Heininger, Nathan Brink
Walk-ons are a bit scary.

1-TECH: Mike Martin, William Campbell
3-TECH: Ryan Van Bergen, Quinton Washington
These two positions are largely interchangeable, although I doubt we’ll see Van Bergen playing much nose tackle.  I’m a little surprised that Campbell won’t start, but Van Bergen should be fine at DT instead of DE.  He played well there in 2009 and ended up with 5 sacks.

WDE: Craig Roh, Jibreel Black, Frank Clark
The first two were expected.  I’m a little surprised that Clark is on the depth chart, but . . . well . . . there’s not much depth on the defensive line.  Hopefully he’s a situational pass rusher and not much more.  He won’t hold up against the run at only 228 lbs.

SAM: Cameron Gordon, Jake Ryan, Brennen Beyer
I sure hope Beyer stays off the field this year and can redshirt.  Gordon and Ryan are going to be solid.

MIKE: Kenny Demens, J.B. Fitzgerald, Marell Evans
Demens is going to be a stud.  There’s actually a little bit of depth here.  The two backups are steps down from Demens, but they’re not bad players.

WILL: Mike Jones, Brandon Herron, Brandin Hawthorne OR Desmond Morgan
I was leery of Jones starting at WILL since he was only 207 lbs. the last time we saw him, but he’s up to 224 lbs. now.  I don’t think he’s a playmaker, but he had a decent spring game.  Herron and Hawthorne won’t scare anyone.  Morgan’s going to be a player someday.

CB1: Troy Woolfolk, Blake Countess, Greg Brown
CB2: Courtney Avery OR J.T. Floyd, Tony Anderson
Hopefully it’s Woolfolk and Avery first.  Yippee for Countess, who looks like he’ll be good for the next few years.  Floyd might be a solid slot corner, but I’m scared if he starts.  All things being equal, start the young guy.

SS: Jordan Kovacs, Marvin Robinson
(Edit: Never mind.)
FS: Thomas Gordon, Carvin Johnson
Gordon kind of came out of nowhere.  He was playing the nickel back position in the spring, but it sounds like he really turned it on over the summer.  He should have been starting over Johnson last year, anyway, so it seems like things have been righted here.  Johnson has apparently been boom-or-bust back there, but both of these guys should be solid players in the next couple years.