Michigan vs. Notre Dame Awards

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29Oct 2019
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Michigan vs. Notre Dame Awards

Hassan Haskins (image via Detroit News)

Let’s see more of this guy on offense . . . Hassan Haskins. Haskins had 20 carries for 149 yards. This is just an affirmation of his fantastic overall play over the past few weeks, not necessarily a request to see him get more than 20 carries. Those 20 attempts included a 49-yard run, a highlight-reel hurdle, and lots of broken tackles. He’s averaging 6.2 yards per carry on the year.

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27Oct 2019
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Michigan 45, Notre Dame 14

Hassan Haskins (image via The Michigan Daily)

Michigan beat a top-10 team. I normally don’t pay much attention to rankings. I pay attention to teams. So when people make a big deal about “Jim Harbaugh has a 1-10 record against top-10 teams at Michigan” or whatever the hell that stat is/was, it just doesn’t mean much to me. What’s his overall record? And has he beaten PSU, MSU, Wisconsin, and OSU? And Notre Dame? Those are the teams you can count on year in and year out to be good to great, and those are the measuring stick games. Sometimes they’re the top-10 squads and sometimes they’re not, but rankings are so subjective that they just don’t matter to me.

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26Oct 2019
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Happy Notre Dame Day!

SITE NEWS: I apologize for not posting a Notre Dame preview. It’s been a busy week. I worked 11 hours on Monday, 14 hours on Tuesday, 12 hours on Wednesday, 17 hours on Thursday, and 15 hours on Friday. Just your standard 5-day, 69-hour work week.

My prediction isn’t very rosy, anyway. I’m picking Notre Dame in a 28-24 victory.

I hope I’m wrong.

3Sep 2018
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Michigan vs. Notre Dame Awards

Chase Winovich (image via Yahoo)

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Let’s see more of this guy on offense . . . Chris Evans. Something must have been going on with Evans (discipline, injury, etc.), because he’s a potential playmaker and only touched the ball 4 times in the season opener against Notre Dame. I heard in the off-season he was working in the slot, and Michigan is short on receivers. But all Evans got was 2 carries for 1 yard and 2 catches for 37 yards. The coaching staff needs to find a way to get him the ball.

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