Top 10 Posts of 2023

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17Jan 2024
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Top 10 Posts of 2023

Donovan Edwards

I meant to post this at the beginning of the month, but you know, Michigan’s exciting activities in the Rose Bowl and then the national championship distracted me. I don’t think many other people care, but it’s always good for me to review the numbers to see what kind of content people like the most. Year after year, the most viewed posts primarily consist of post-game discussions.

So here are the top ten posts of 2023, including links to the posts (the Blogger versions) in case you want to go back and discuss:

  1. Michigan 45, Nebraska 7
  2. Michigan 52, Indiana 7
  3. Preview: Michigan vs. Bowling Green
  4. Michigan 30, Ohio State 24
  5. Michigan 49, Michigan State 0
  6. Michigan 41, Purdue 13
  7. Michigan 24, Penn State 15
  8. Michigan 52, Minnesota 10
  9. 2023 Season Countdown: #13 Donovan Edwards
  10. 2023 Ex-Wolverine Updates: Week 4
31Dec 2020
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Top 10 Posts of 2020

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Well, as we all know by now, the year 2020 sucked, for reasons big and small. But luckily, we all had Touch the Banner as a place to go and talk football, even when football wasn’t happening.

For a walk down memory lane, here are the top 10 trafficked posts from the past 365 days:

  1. How to Fix Michigan Recruiting (LINK)
  2. Visitors: January 24-26 (LINK)
  3. Visitors: February 28-March 1 (LINK)
  4. 2020 Scholarship Count (LINK)
  5. Michigan 49, Minnesota 24 (LINK)
  6. Dominick Giudice, Wolverine (LINK)
  7. Michigan vs. Minnesota Awards (LINK)
  8. Visitors: Michigan vs. Wisconsin (LINK)
  9. Ex-Wolverine Updates: Week 1 (LINK)
  10. Michigan’s Biggest Recruiting Needs in 2021 (LINK)