The Fence the Mitten Project: Wide Receivers

The Fence the Mitten Project: Wide Receivers

April 16, 2020
Cody White (image via MLive)

If Michigan landed the top 25 prospects within the state over the past five years, what kind of talent would they have on the roster? I have already looked at QB (LINK), RB (LINK), and TE (LINK).

Today we’ll look at the receivers.


  1. #Grant Perry (RS Sr.): 3-star, #109 WR, #879 overall
  2. Ray Buford (RS Sr.): 3-star, #81 ATH, #984 overall)
  3. #Donnie Corley (RS Jr.): 4-star, #15 WR, #108 overall
  4. Trishton Jackson (RS Jr.): 4-star, #44 WR, #229 overall
  5. #Dez Fitzpatrick (RS Jr.): 4-star, #53 WR, #275 overall
  6. Jalen Martin (RS Jr.): 3-star, #127 WR, #833 overall
  7. #Donovan Peoples-Jones (RS So.): 5-star, #1 WR, #12 overall
  8. #Hunter Rison (RS So.): 4-star, #46 WR, #318 overall
  9. Cody White (RS So.): 3-star, #56 WR, #376 overall
  10. Kalil Pimpleton (RS So.): 3-star, #103 WR, #725 overall
  11. Jairus Grissom (RS So.): 3-star, #21 dual-threat QB, #976 overall
  12. Taj Mustapha (RS Fr.): 3-star, #121 WR, #790 overall
  13. Brandon Gray (RS Fr.): 3-star, #126 WR, #834 overall
  14. A.J. Abbott (RS Fr.): 3-star, #130 WR, #863 overall
  15. #Tre Mosley (Fr.): 3-star, #71 WR, #578 overall
  16. David Ellis (Fr.): 3-star, #104 WR, #860 overall

#Offered by Michigan
*Transferred or left original school prior to 2019


Dez Fitzpatrick (Louisville) started twelve games, making 35 receptions for 635 yards and 6 touchdowns. Jalen Martin (Iowa State) did not catch a pass for the Cyclones and has since transferred to Pittsburg State. Donovan Peoples-Jones (Michigan) made 34 catches for 438 yards and 6 touchdowns and left early for the NFL draft. Cody White (Michigan State) made 66 catches for 922 yards and 6 touchdowns. Jairus Grissom (Eastern Michigan) ran the ball 20 times for 156 yards and 1 touchdown while making 4 catches for 32 yards and 1 score. Brandon Gray (Washington State) made 2 catches for 13 yards. Tre Mosley (Michigan State) made 21 catches for 216 yards and 1 touchdown. David Ellis (Indiana) made 16 catches for 173 yards and ran the ball 9 times for 53 yards and 1 touchdown. Wisconsin wide receivers A.J. Abbott and Taj Mustapha did not make any catches for the Badgers.


It’s not hard to imagine a starting trio of wide receivers made up of Donovan Peoples-Jones and Cody White on the outside, with Dez Fitzpatrick working out of the slot. That’s the best position group so far, and there are some decent backups in Tre Mosley; Jairus Grissom (QB/RB/WR) and David Ellis (RB/WR) have some versatility. Other than those guys, though, there’s not a lot of top-end talent. Grant Perry already graduated, and Donnie Corley’s off-the-field issues got him kicked off the team already, so hopefully the Michigan squad avoids injury throughout the year, because the depth is a little bit lacking, especially in explosive playmakers.


This is a decent position group. What a coincidence that the top three guys (Fitzpatrick, Peoples-Jones, White) all had 6 touchdown catches in 2019. There is an adequate amount of talent in the State of Michigan, and a squad made up of a 5-star, two 4-stars, and a bunch of 3-stars isn’t bad. But when it comes to matching up against Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and others, there’s just not the depth and explosiveness of athletes needed to compete on a national level.


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    Apr 16, 2020 at 11:15 AM

    kj hamler wasnt ranked in that range?

    i figured receiver would be one of the more talented positions when you began this exercise

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      Hamler moved to Florida and played at IMG Academy.

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