Visitors: Michigan vs. Penn State

Visitors: Michigan vs. Penn State

October 9, 2014
Keisean Lucier-South (image via MaxPreps)

Brian Cole – WR – Saginaw (MI) Heritage:
 Cole committed to Michigan in July (LINK).

Javarius Davis – CB – Jacksonville (FL) Ed White: Davis, the country’s #40 running back according to 247’s Composite rankings, was scheduled to officially visit Michigan this weekend but canceled.

Jack Dunaway – DE – Bloomfield Hills (MI) Brother Rice:

Tyree Kinnel – S – Huber Heights (OH) Wayne: Kinnel committed to Michigan in August 2013 (LINK).

Darrin Kirkland, Jr. – LB – Indianapolis (IN) Lawrence Central: Kirkland committed to Michigan in May (LINK).

Keisean Lucier-South – DE – Orange (CA) Lutheran: Lucier-South is a 6’5″, 225 lb. prospect with offers from Michigan, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon, UCLA, and USC, among others. He’s a 247 Composite 5-star, the #2 weakside end, and #23 overall. Lucier-South called Michigan a “dream offer” when he got it, but teams like Oklahoma and USC have been making a push since then. While both teams have been the victim of upsets this season, neither is going through a 2-4 season and/or potential coaching change. This is Lucier-South’s official visit.

Alex Malzone – QB – Bloomfield Hills (MI) Brother Rice: Malzone committed to Michigan in May (LINK).

Grant Perry – WR – Bloomfield Hills (MI) Brother Rice:

Tyrone Miller – S – Saline (MI) Saline:

Mook Reynolds – CB – Greensboro (NC) Northern Guilford: Reynolds is a 6’0″, 175 lb. prospect who is committed to Virginia Tech. He also has offers from Georgia, Michigan, Notre Dame, and Tennessee, among others. He took an official visit to Knoxville last weekend, and this is his official visit to Ann Arbor.

Zach Robertson – OG – Bellflower (CA) St. John Bosco: Robertson was originally scheduled to take an official visit to Ann Arbor for the Penn State game, but he has since canceled. He’s the #319 player in the class, according to the 247 Composite.

Auden Tate – WR – Tampa (FL) Wharton: Tate is a 6’4″, 215 lb. Florida State commit; he also has offers from Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio State, and numerous others. Michigan was an early favorite and was in his top group before he committed to the Seminoles, so there’s an outside shot that Michigan could flip him if things go in the right direction for Michigan. Unfortunately, he’s an early enrollee, so an iffy coaching situation would likely spell doom for Michigan’s chances.

Ahmad Wagner – WR – Huber Heights (OH) Wayne: Wagner is a 6’6″, 190 lb. prospect with an offer from Kentucky. A teammate of Kinnel’s, he’s also a high level basketball prospect (Iowa and Minnesota have offered). He may fit the profile of the jumbo wide receiver Michigan likes if they find themselves scrounging for wideouts.

Mike Weber – RB – Detroit (MI) Cass Tech: Weber committed to Michigan in August (LINK), but he is looking to take other official visits, considering Michigan’s current situation.

Hit the jump for 2016 and 2017 prospects.

Ben Bredeson – OT – Hartland (WI) Arrowhead:

Messiah DeWeaver – QB – Trotwood (OH) Trotwood-Madison: DeWeaver committed to Michigan in June (LINK).

Daelin Hayes – LB – Detroit (MI) Cass Tech:

Lavert Hill – CB – Detroit (MI) Cass Tech: Hill is a 5’11”, 170 lb. prospect with offers from Miami, Michigan, North Carolina, and several others. He’s a 247 Composite 4-star, the #22 cornerback, and #228 overall. His older brother, Delano, is a sophomore safety at Michigan.

Elijah Holyfield – RB – Atlanta (GA) Woodward Academy: The son of boxer Evander Holyfield canceled his planned trip.

Joshua Jackson – QB – Saline (MI) Saline:

Khalid Kareem – DE – Farmington Hills (MI) Harrison:

Austin Mack – WR – Fort Wayne (IN) Bishop Luers: Mack is a 6’2″, 205 lb. prospect with offers from Michigan, Notre Dame, and Ohio State, among others. He’s a 247 Composite 4-star, the #20 wide receiver, and #96 overall. He claims a 4.55 forty but looks more like a possession receiver. He originally had Michigan out front, but now it seems Notre Dame has pulled ahead.

Kalebb Perry – WR – Mt. Pleasant (MI) Mt. Pleasant:

Sean Rattay – C – Toledo (OH) St. John’s:
David Reese – LB – Farmington (MI) Farmington:

Max Richardson – LB – Atlanta (GA) Woodward Academy: Richardson was supposed to attend with teammate Holyfield.

Auston Robertson – DE – Fort Wayne (IN) Wayne:

Eric Rogers – LB – Warren (MI) De La Salle:

Erik Swenson – OT – Downers Grove (IL) South: Swenson committed to Michigan in November 2013 (LINK).

Demetric Vance – WR – Detroit (MI) Cass Tech:

Clark Yarbrough – OT – Woodberry Forest (VA) Woodberry Forest: Yarbrough is a 6’5″, 255 lb. prospect with offers from Clemson, Florida, Michigan, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Virginia Tech, among others. He’s a 247 Composite 4-star, the #17 offensive tackle, and #205 overall. Yarbrough had Michigan in his top couple schools, so Michigan’s coaching situation could have a big impact.

Abdullah Yaseen – CB – Oak Park (MI) Oak Park:

Carter Dunaway – TE – Bloomfield Hills (MI) Brother Rice:

Mac Hippenhammer – WR – Fort Wayne (IN) Snider:

Corey Malone-Hatcher – DE – St. Joseph (MI) St. Joseph: Malone-Hatcher is a 6’3″, 235 lb. prospect with a lone offer from Ohio State. He’s considered one of the top few players in the state for his class.

Bruce Mann – QB – Bay City (MI) Western:

Donovan Peoples-Jones – WR – Detroit (MI) Cass Tech: Peoples-Jones is a 6’1″, 170 lb. prospect with offers from Miami, Ohio State, and Penn State, among others.

Willie Rodgers – DE – Saginaw (MI) Arthur Hill:

Jess Speight – DT – Richmond (VA) Collegiate:

Matthew Wilcox – S – Huber Heights (OH) Wayne:

Jimmy Bell – OT – Saginaw (MI) Arthur Hill:


  1. Comments: 21383
    Oct 09, 2014 at 10:54 AM

    Read an article on bleacher report sharing KLS thots on the drama at big blue… He clearly states, that it is a big elephant in the room.. With him on way out, Clark seemingly gone, weber wanting to take other officials.. Thunder, any thots on how big blue can recover? Plus if fan support is small or diminished,, that will have a clear negative impact on these future student athletes..
    It's really crazy to see this slide..I predict a low scoring game.. Michigans DEF comes out and Gardner leads to a victory with his legs..

    • Comments: 21383
      Oct 09, 2014 at 11:48 AM

      you MUST have been reading bleacher report lately. nobody calls michigan big blue except the writers over there who get paid to write sensationalized articles without doing any research. in my own opinion (but one i've seen echoed all over), bleacher report is the least reputable place to get michigan information out there. and i imagine it takes more time/energy to change 'thoughts' to thots. come on, man…

    • Comments: 21383
      Oct 09, 2014 at 12:00 PM

      I agree with Anonymous 7:48 a.m. "Big Blue" is not a term we should be using to reference Michigan.

      Anyway, the way Michigan can recover is by winning games. They pretty much have to win out, or perhaps go 5-1 with a victory over Ohio State or Michigan State. Even then, another 7-5 regular season is poor. I do believe that Hoke could save his job and perhaps the recruiting class by winning out, but that is highly unlikely.

      Otherwise, Michigan is probably going to lose a decent chunk of this recruiting class, and we'll be offering second- and third-tier prospects in order to fill the class (like we did in 2011). That is, unless they make a big-time splash with the hire, such as Jim Harbaugh or someone like that.

  2. Comments: 21383
    Oct 09, 2014 at 1:05 PM

    Big blue is prolly too much of a complement, "lil blue" is more accurate..
    Have a great day

    • Comments: 21383
      Oct 09, 2014 at 2:57 PM

      Thanks for the troll attempt! If this is directed towards a MSU fan, please remember: history is very subjective depending on how it's looked at. Michigan has sucked since Rich Rod got there. So a win streak against michigan really doesn't impress anyone. Have fun enjoying your unprecedented, yet ultimately unsustainable success. MSU will come back down to earth sooner or later (not to say I think they'll be a bad team or easy out by any means). OSU as well. people that think meyer will continue to win 13 games a year as long as he chooses to stay in columbus are in for a rude awakening

  3. Comments: 21383
    Oct 09, 2014 at 5:31 PM

    On the subject of the rest of the year—are you as down on the team as Brian at MGoBlog? It seems to me that inconsistency is a bigger problem than gross incompetence and that it wouldn't be surprising for the team to actually win a few games in the second half. But then again, he re-watches all the games and I don't, so I'm just going on impressions.

  4. Comments: 21383
    Oct 09, 2014 at 6:33 PM

    Can the whole richrod thing be let go?? More energy should be focused on how L Carr sabotaged the whole program while richrod was there.. Wether it was alienating him and x-players, not speaking to team, telling recruits not to come.. And there is some info out there where LC actually told recruits to goto MSU AND OSU and not Michigan… I think more fingers need to be pointed at that because LC was upset how his career ended and didn't get his guy as coach.. Remember, the guy that couldn't make it at EMU…
    Wish Michigan the best, but there has to be a "letting go" of blaming richrod for current issues…

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