2014 Football Team Award Winners

2014 Football Team Award Winners

December 9, 2014
Jake Ryan

Michigan held its annual Football Bust on Monday evening, and here are the award winners from the event:

Bo Schembechler Team MVP: Jake Ryan, LB (5th)

Captains: Jake Ryan, LB (5th) and Devin Gardner, QB (5th)

Hugh J. Rader, Jr. Award (best lineman): Jack Miller, OC (RS Jr.)

Dick Katcher Award (best defensive end/outside linebacker): Brennen Beyer, DE (Sr.)

Roger Zatkoff Award (best linebacker): Jake Ryan, LB (5th)

Robert P. Ufer Award (senior who demonstrates love and enthusiasm for the program): Brennen Beyer, DE (Sr.)

Dr Arthur Robinson Scholarship Award (senior scholar): Joey Burzynski, OG (5th)

I don’t think any of these awards would surprise anyone except perhaps the Rader Award. Miller took a lot of heat during the 2013 season for his performance, and he was eventually replaced by Graham Glasgow last year. But he turned into a solid lineman in 2014, which I think is simply proof that experience is key on the offensive line. Michigan improved with two new starters at the offensive tackles, and the interior included two redshirt juniors and a redshirt sophomore. Assuming all five players return in 2015, Michigan will be starting (from left to right) a sophomore, a fifth year senior, a fifth year senior, a redshirt junior, and a redshirt junior. The 2016 season could see a junior, a redshirt senior (Erik Magnuson?), a redshirt junior (Patrick Kugler?), a redshirt senior, and a redshirt senior. Michigan is on its way to having some age and experience across the offensive line once again.


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    Dec 09, 2014 at 4:47 PM

    These guys worked hard and were heroic. I hope Beyer and Jake Ryan will have a good NFL career. I hope Gardner at least get a chance (albeit at a different position).

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    Dec 09, 2014 at 4:50 PM

    Oh, and the O-line depth. I hope we keep recruiting plenty of linemen every single class. Thank God we'll start to see some solid depth starting next year. Oh depth, how I have missed you.

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    Dec 09, 2014 at 5:19 PM

    Miller is really a surprise since he couldn't even play on the awful 2013 line. I don't know if anybody outside his family members expected him to (effectively) displace Magnuson from the starting lineup.

    It's a credit to Nussmeir that the OL as a whole was improved on the season. I thought they'd get better at run-blocking and worse at pass-blocking, but it seems that they actually got better in both.

    As for next year, I hope we can retain these guys and that Bosch rejoins the program. Experience is indeed crucial, though as we see with Cole, it's not always that simple.

    I believe we need to continue to hit OL recruiting hard if we plan to run a pro-style offense.

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