2017 Season Countdown: #92 Joel Honigford

2017 Season Countdown: #92 Joel Honigford

May 4, 2017

Joel Honigford (image via Rivals)

Name: Joel Honigford
Height: 6’6″
Weight: 278 lbs.
High school: Sugarcreek (OH) Garaway
Position: Offensive tackle
Class: Freshman
Jersey number: N/A
Last year: Honigford was a senior in high school.
TTB Rating: 84

When Honigford committed to Michigan in late June of 2016, three of the four major recruiting sites had him ranked as a 3-star, with ESPN making him a 4-star. I initially gave him a TTB Rating of 82, which I eventually bumped up to 84 (LINK). I even went as far as making Honigford my modern poster boy for the “Scouting Guide: Offensive Tackle” post (LINK).

All this is to say: I like Honigford.

And now I have to explain why I’m ranking him in the 90’s of the countdown. I have heard that Honigford has bulked up already, but listed at 6’6″ and 278 lbs., I think there’s a lot of mass to add before he sees the field. And that’s not just weight, of course, but also muscle. Mason Cole played as an underweight offensive tackle a few seasons ago, but that’s not ideal, and Cole was more college-ready from a technique standpoint. So while I think Honigford has a great deal of potential, I believe he will redshirt this year unless a plague wipes out a few tackles. The other freshman linemen seem a tad more likely to play based on being slightly more developed at this point.

Prediction: Redshirt


  1. Avatar
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    May 04, 2017 at 9:38 AM

    Great pick to look forward to in the coming years!

  2. crazyjoedavola
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    May 04, 2017 at 9:50 AM

    “And now I have to explain why I’m ranking him in the 90’s of the countdown”

    Well done…

  3. Lanknows
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    May 04, 2017 at 3:17 PM

    Freshman OL should red-shirt. I don’t think you have to do too much explaining to rationalize that, even with OL you like long-term, even with holes along the starting lineup.

    Honingford and Hall are the 2 freshman OL that seem most sure to red-shirt.

    Another case of splitting hairs but I think Hall being around and not generating any buzz makes him more like a 95% lock to red-shirt. Honingford has the relative “benefit” of being an unknown – so more like 90% likely to redshirt. Outside chance he shows up in a couple months with extra weight and prepared to enter the 2-deep. Certainly not expecting it.

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